Sunseeker vs Azimut

By Mohammad Alam Written by Mohammad Alam
Updated on April 2, 2022

Yachts are recognized for bringing a dash of glitz to a lavish lifestyle. Yachts have always been known for their secrecy, whether they’re going deep into the ocean or racing. So, take a deep dive into the ocean on the most luxurious yacht accessible.

Both Sunseeker and Azimut have defined luxury by creating exquisite yachts. Sunseeker focuses more on premium quality, whereas Azimut focuses more on performance. Azimut’s price point is slightly lower than Sunseeker’s, but the quality is not compromised.

What are the Key Differences between Azimut and Sunseeker Yachts?

Sunseeker and Azimut are both renowned motor yacht manufacturing companies. Sunseeker is a British brand that serves luxury and on the other hand, Azimut is an Italian brand that provides premium quality in a large package. Some of the key differences are:

  • Length: The average size of Sunseeker yachts is around 74’0″. Azimut’s average length is around 69’1″.
  • Beam: Sunseeker’s beam is slightly larger than Azimut’s. Most of the yachts of Sunseeker have a beam of 17’7,” and Azimut’s beam is around 16’10”.
  • Fuel: Fuel consumption is the most crucial aspect of yachts. Sunseeker consumes slightly more, which is around 1,030 gals. Azimut’s fuel consumption is surprisingly less, which is approximately 925 gals.
  • Price: Mostly, all kinds of yachts are expensive. But when you compare them among the brands, you’ll notice the slight differences. Sunseeker yachts are comparatively pricier than Azimut yachts.

What is the expert opinion for Sunseeker and Azimut Yachts?

Sunseeker has notched the game of creating luxurious yachts. One of their many specialties is combining innovation along with premium quality. The underwater section makes the Sunseeker yachts even more beautiful.

Italian knows their crafts better than anyone and this is precisely how they’ve designed Azimut yachts. All the models of Azimut yachts are finely designed. The styling is exquisite, with a captivating interior. The cockpits are designed to ensure comfort to the drivers.  

  • The built quality of Azimut and Sunseeker

Experts have expressed their opinion on the built quality of both Sunseeker and Azimut. Sunseeker has given their attention to fine details. They are currently using third-generation modern technology to make their yachts user-friendly.

On the other hand, Azimut yachts have powerful engines which give great mileage. The yachts are comparatively more potent and durable.

  • Torque comparison of Azimut and Sunseeker

The propellers of the Azimut yacht are finely pitched, which gives excellent torque. As a result, the acceleration is extraordinary. This allows the Azimut yachts to travel a long way without any difficulty.

Sunseeker yachts also have a fair amount of torque, but it is more like a yacht enjoying the summer breeze.

  • Differences of Italian design and the UK design of Azimut and Sunseeker Yachts

Italians are known for their designs. Azimut yachts are the perfect example of their craftsmanship. Even though Sunseeker yachts are known for their interior, Azimut yacht’s design is on another level.

The interior of Sunseeker yachts includes fine woodwork which chic edges. On the other hand, Azimut’s interior and exterior are both on point. They opted for a modern yet elegant look.

What are the features of the best-selling Sunseeker and Azimut Yachts that make them stand out? 

From the beginning, both Sunseeker and Azimut have aced their game of providing high-quality yachts. They have changed their designs and brought innovations from time to time. They know precisely what their consumers want.

Azimut has created a series similar to the swift trawlers found in the Magellano line. In reality, Azimut has been investing heavily in this radius of fewer than 30 meters for some years, using a fresh, innovative approach.

Sunseeker also had a good time during the last few years. The new OCEAN 42M and the OCEAN 50M, as well as the current 90 Ocean, have indeed received a lot of attention. The Predator 50 and the Predator 60 EVO, the Manhattan 55 Fly, the revolutionary 100 Yacht, the 88 Yacht, and the 65 Athlete Yacht are among the new models.

All of these yachts provide impressive mileage with an excellent user experience. The build quality is also improving with time. The cockpits are getting more driver-friendly. Both manufacturers are putting great efforts into designing and innovation.

Why do the two brands, Azimut and Sunseeker, dominate the Yachts market worldwide?

Even though it seems like the yacht industry is relatively small, it is an industry of 8.15 billion US dollars in real life. Primarily people who belong to the upper class enjoy the experience of a yacht; it is still an industry of multi-million dollars.

Sunseeker and Azimut are among the top yacht selling brands. But if we compare the brands, Azimut is much larger than Sunseeker as a company. Azimut’s current revenue is around 701 million USD and Sunseeker’s revenue is approximately 297.4 million USD.

Their revenue shows that they can give the consumers what they want. They understand the psychology of their consumers, which allows them to dominate the market.