Twitch Partner Hoodie

Twitch has one of the most vibrant partnership programs rivaled only by Discord and few major streaming services. Most users are keen to don exclusive generic or custom merchandise from popular broadcasters or directly from Twitch.

Twitch partner hoodies are usually available as stock options or in limited edition models. Many partner hoodies available on Twitch partner stores usually sell from $50. 

Other merchandise like T-shirts, beanies, rucksacks, backpacks, and more are available across Twitch partner stores. But is there an easy way to get a Twitch partner hoodie?

In this article, you’ll find vital info to help you get customized Twitch partner hoodies without stress. Other essential details about Twitch partners’ perks are also in this post to furnish you with more information.  

Does Twitch Still Give the Partner Hoodie?

Twitch still issues the partner hoodie, but it’s currently offered in very limited quantity. Most partners now have access to customize and sell their partner hoodies, so Twitch has tuned down this venture. 

Streamers interested in the partner hoodie can get orders placed across stores for partner hoodies. Popular streamers also offer branded hoodies in different shapes and sizes in different online stores. 

Do Twitch Partners Get Paid?

Twitch partners get paid monthly from subscription payments made in this platform. Payments to partners could go as high as 50% of net subscription fees from streamers. 

Subscriptions on Twitch partner channels currently range within $5 – $25. 

Popular Twitch streamers also get paid after racking up a given number of views on their channels. Partners usually make within $2 – $10 for every 1,000 views from followers. 

Twitch partners also get paid for ads run on their channel.

How to Get a Twitch Partner Hoodie

First way to get a Twitch partner hoodie: Through an online store

Step 1: Visit an online store with Twitch merchandise on sale

Step 2: Select your preferred Twitch partner hoodie(s)

Step 3: Add hoodie(s) to your shopping cart

Step 4: Confirm billing and shipping information

After this, make payments and confirm your order. 

Second way to get a Twitch partner hoodie: Getting a job at Twitch

The second way to get a branded partner hoodie from Twitch is by filling any vacant job positions they have available. 

Twitch encourages interested individuals to show interest in available opportunities at this site. One of the add-ons for getting employed at Twitch is a purple hoodie.

If you’re not interested in working with Twitch, it’s easier to get hoodies from stores with such merchandise on sale. 

What Do You Get as a Twitch Partner?

Twitch partners get a pre-set share of revenue received from Bits. 1 Bit is usually equal to 1 cent and is converted into cash for payouts to partners. 

Twitch partners also get custom Bit and Cheermote badges. Streamers can earn a share of revenue gotten from ads displayed in their channel too. 

How to Sell Twitch Partner Merch 

First way to sell Twitch partner merch: Through third-party stores

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Sign up with your Twitch credentials

Step 3: Visit your new shop’s dashboard

Next, you will be redirected to your new dashboard where you can customize storefronts and add items on sale. You may need to download Streamlabs Desktop client app for this dashboard to appear on your screen. Blackjack game is extremely favoured on Australian gambling sites. Check out this post regarding this title and get to know online blackjack rules and determine the most famous gambling websites which have the game. 

Second way to sell Twitch partner merch: On Amazon

Note that you must be a Twitch partner to sell their branded merchandise on Amazon.

Step 1: Open Twitch Store link

Visit directly or at the bottom of Twitch blogs or website pages

Step 2: Click on Sell

In the next page, click on Sell

After clicking sell, you will get access to support to help you build a storefront to sell Twitch merchandise with ease. 

How to Buy Hoodies from Twitch Store

First way to buy hoodies from Twitch store: From Amazon

Step 1: Visit

Visit Amazon’s official website on First-time shoppers will need to sign up for an account and get a username and password to place orders.

Step 2: Type “twitch hoodies” as a search query

On Amazon’s search bar, type the search keywords “twitch hoodies”. 

Entering this keyword avails users with a massive collection of hoodies from Twitch and other brands optimized for such searches. 

Step 3: Add preferred Twitch hoodies to your shopping cart

Add any hoodie you plan to purchase to your shopping cart by pressing the button to your screen’s top right corner. 

Step 4: Confirm shipping and billing information 

Next, confirm all necessary shipping information to aid easy deliver. Then go on to confirm billing information and other relevant details concerning your order. 

Step 5: Place order

Switch to the place order tab to get your order for Twitch hoodies completed. 

Second way to buy hoodies from Twitch store: From 

Step 1: Visit Twitch Loot Cave on Amazon

Step 2: Choose a hoodie and Add to Cart

Step 3: Confirm billing and shipping information

After this step, finalize your order by making payments in the Place Order tab.