How much money is 1100 Bits?

Twitch bits are an in-game currency that you can use to show support to your favorite streamer and celebrate the moment. A viewer can buy Twitch Bits and use them to “Cheer” in the chat box of a live broadcast to amplify his/her voice and become more visible.

Out of the many ways to earn money on Twitch, Twitch Bits is one way a streamer can make more money. For every Bit Cheered, a streamer earns $0.01. So, if a streamer receives 1100 Bits, he will receive $11.00 straight to his pocket.

How much is 1100 Twitch Bits in US Dollars

1100 Bits would cost $15.40

If you plan to buy Twitch Bits, you can go straight to the chat box and purchase. You can’t buy Bits per piece, but if you would like to have 1100 Bits, you would spend $15.40 since Bits’ current price is:

  • $1.40 for 100 Bits
  • $7.00 for 500 Bits
  • $19.95 (25% Discount) for 1,500 Bits
  • $64.40 (8% Discount) for 5,000 Bits
  • $126.00 (10% Discount) for 10,000 Bits
  • $308 (12% Discount) for 25,000 Bits

So, to have 1100 Bits, you can buy two 500 Bits that cost 14 dollars and one 100 Bits that cost 7 dollars.

How much does a streamer earn in 1100 bits donated?

One Twitch Bit donated gives $0.01 to the streamer 

If you received 1100 Twitch Bits donated by a viewer on your stream, you earn as much as $11. It will accumulate until it reaches a hundred dollars. The funds will become available after a 15-day holding period, and then you can withdraw through your elected payment method, such as PayPal, wire transfer, eCheck, or local bank. Fees may apply depending on your location, so better check Twitch guides on fees and payments for more information.

Which is more profitable, 1100 Bits or 1100 Donation?

Deciding which is better between Twitch bits and donations depends on a streamer’s point of view and priority. But, in a general sense, Twitch Bits is a more stable, efficient, and cheaper way of supporting a streamer. The benefits of Bits are not limited to the profits it can provide to a streamer. It is motivating to both the streamer and the viewer because there are perks associated with it, such as emotes, badges, and leaderboards for top-bit contributors. Unlike direct donation, the streamer has no visibility of how much appreciation they receive from their viewers on their Twitch channel.