Vinyl Boat Seat Seam Repair

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Updated on April 2, 2022

Many boats feature vinyl seat coverings on their cushions based on its comfortable texture and easy-maintenance potential. But as expected, these seats may give in to the elements and need repairs after some time. 

Boaters can repair their vinyl seat seams with a curved needle and thread, leather repair patches, and special glue. All kinds of repairs available for vinyl seats will work better when the seams haven’t unraveled too far. 

Repairing your boat’s vinyl seats will be comfortable with access to correct information. 

That’s why this article provides all the details you need to ace your boat’s seats repairs without stress. You’ll also get recommendations on the best products to repair your vinyl upholstery, DIY-style. 

How Do You Sew Vinyl Seats?

The best way to sew vinyl seats is with hidden stitches rather than top-stitched boxing. Top-stitched boxing will hold the vinyl covering together, but it will be visible with time. 

Hidden stitches will mimic the pattern of your vinyl’s original seams with only two end knots visible after sewing. 

How to Fix a Vinyl Boat Seat Seam

First way to fix a vinyl seat seam: With a special thread and needle

Step 1: Get a vinyl sewing kit

Several repair kits are available online with all the tools needed to get your vinyl seat seams back together. 

After getting your preferred sewing kit, thread any of the curved needles. You’ll need to knot the other end of your thread to secure your seams during and after sewing.    

Step 2: Join seams with a curved needle

Next, get the curved needle under one side of the burst seat seam. Next, curve the needle out to connect with your seat’s other end. 

Continue this process while tightening the thread until you’ve covered damaged parts of your vinyl seat seam. 

When all torn vinyl or loose seams are sewn together, create another knot at the end of your new seam. Cut excess thread off the knot to prevent easy unraveling. 

Second way to way to fix a vinyl seat seam: With a self-adhesive leather patch

Step 1: Get the leather patch

Leather patches are available in different sizes and colors. Choose a leather patch with a similar color to your vinyl seat. 

Step 2: Clean the vinyl surface around affected area

Dirt around the loose seams or torn vinyl will create creasing during installation. Use a dry cloth to clean up every area around the affected vinyl seat. 

Step 3: Place the patch equally across both sides of torn seams

For loose seams, place one patch over the affected area with equal patches on both sides of your vinyl. Next, gently press the patch in place to secure the loose seams in. 

For torn seats, remove any wilting vinyl around its surface and place one patch completely over it. Gently rub in this patch to cover the damaged areas. 

What Kind of Thread Do I Need to Repair Boat Seats?

Thread spun from UV-treated polyester is the best kind of line to repair boat seats. UV-treated thread has the best composition to withstand sunrays most open-air vessels have to deal with. 

Best Vinyl Seat Seam Repair Kits

Finyl Fix Seam Stitch Repair Kit

The set features two curved stitching needles (3” and 4”) to make stitching vinyl, leather, and other upholstery easy. It also comes with 25 yards of black and white marine grade line for threading (50 yards in total).

One set of this stitch repair kit is available for $15 at Amazon, Walmart, and other stores. 

FORTIVO Leather/Vinyl Repair Kit

The set contains tubes with chemical formulations best suited to remove scratches, cover holes, and fix tears. Boaters can use this set to fix their seat seams without sewing. 

Each tube contains a high-powered adhesive designed to keep vinyl, leather, and other materials glued. Single orders for this repair kit are available at Amazon for $21.


The repair patch is a suitable option to fix vinyl, leather, faux leather, and other forms of upholstery. It has an almost-instant cure time, making it a great fit to keep loose seams locked tightly. 

The patch is available in 11” x 8” and 60” x 4” sizes. Both sizes are available at Amazon and other online stores. 

How to Get Scratches Out of Vinyl Upholstery

First way to get scratches out of vinyl upholstery: Sponge + baking soda

Step 1: Get a sponge, cool water, and baking soda

Dampen the sponge in cool water to encourage easy distribution of baking soda across any scratch. 

Step 2:  Sprinkle baking soda on sponge and rub

Sprinkle a tiny amount of baking soda on the damp sponge. Next, gently rub across the scratch until it isn’t noticeable. 

You can also mix a couple tablespoons of baking soda into lukewarm water to form a smooth paste. Make sure the paste isn’t runny, and then place some on the vinyl before rubbing it off with a lint-free cloth.