Water Mouse Boats

Numerous boats have been designed for cruising through different bodies of water and various activities like recreation or fishing. If you have been in a small lake, you might have encountered a boat rental place where they offer a two-seater boat ride in a white, narrow boat. This boat is called the water mouse boat.

A water mouse boat is a smaller and more private vessel of transport by water which allows only two passengers to fit in. The reason why it’s called a water mouse boat is because these boats are originally created as rental boats at Disneyworld’s waterfront hotels.

What are water mouse boats?

Water mouse boats are designed to bring more fun while riding the waves. These are relatively small boats with a sleek design fit for two passengers. Most rental services use water mouse boats because they are very easy to maneuver, given their average 20 to 24 miles per hour.

You can get a great tour around the lake with this boat. And since its capacity is at two people, you can spend some time chatting with your friend as you take a lake tour. Note that the water mouse boat may have a very slow acceleration rate, which is best for safe driving and docking.

Water mouse boats can also be an enjoyable ride for children because they can glide across the water in a little zippy vessel. But what makes water mouse boats unique is that they are durable enough to survive in the water. As we noted, these are primarily made for rental services. So these are expected to run 24/7! The water mouse boats are pretty durable, and their specifications further prove why.

Water mouse boat specs

The water mouse boat might look like a small and flimsy boat, but it is constructed with an ingenious design and top-notch materials. Most water mouse boats have used recyclable polyethylene to increase their hull’s impact resistance and durability. The decks of a water mouse boat are mainly made of ABS plastic and an acrylic cap to achieve a smooth and glossy finish. Lastly, its small passenger seat is lined with polyethylene to help seal water away from the passengers.

The water mouse boats’ engine is also a powerful machine for such a small vessel. It runs very smoothly with a 9.9 to 15-horsepower outboard power. To show how powerful this engine is, it is virtually the same power in engines used by recreational boaters worldwide!

Most water mouse boats are around 10 feet long and 53 inches wide. When weighed without fuel, these small boats could reach 360 pounds. And, its capacity to hold riders is limited to two people, which should only weigh 320 pounds when combined.

The maximum speed with this mouse boat depends on the power of its engine. Its minimum 9.9 horsepower engine can make the boat run at 20 miles per hour, while its most powerful 15 horsepower engine can go up to 24.

Water mouse boats price range

Water mouse boats are available for sale in many online sellers and manufacturers worldwide. You can get a good quality water mouse boat at reputable manufacturers for around $2,000 to $4,000.

These boats’ prices fluctuate depending on their specifications, especially engine power.

Used vs. new water mouse boats

Like any other products sold in the market, the water mouse boats are available in both brand new and second-hand quality. As a buyer of these boats, it boils down to personal preference and budget in deciding between getting yourself a used or new water mouse boat.

The main benefit of the brand new water mouse boat is the privilege of buying it directly from manufacturers. They would offer customer service that second-hand sellers cannot provide. Customer support and customizability are some services offered by the manufacturers of brand new boats. However, its price may be a considerable drawback because you get to pay for the boat’s most pristine condition.

Used water mouse boats are also resold by some companies which refurbish them. You can get yourself a water mouse boat at a cheaper cost than that of brand new. Unfortunately, water mouse boats are generally expensive. Even their second-hand water mouse boats for sale are sometimes more costly than regular boats for other fishing purposes.

Whether you decide to get a new or used water mouse boat, be as prudent as possible. Plan your purchase well and check out reviews from the seller’s past customers. With this, you can further assess if you need this boat, given that it is on the pricey end.

Water mouse boats for sale

Indeed, water mouse boats hold a more expensive price tag than most fishing boats for personal use and fishing endeavors. So, try to inquire about water mouse boats from known manufacturers or resellers with a good service reputation.

You can compare the water mouse boats for sale on different websites to the specifications that we noted earlier. Usually, websites like Alibaba,.com offer lots of these boats. Also, many water mouse boats are manufactured and supplied by China at such competitive prices!