What happened to quickboats

By Viet Nguyen Written by Viet Nguyen
Updated on March 24, 2022

Imagine a boat that can easily be folded up and stored in your garage after us. That boat is exactly what quickboats are! Quickboats were an invention by the company that shares its name, and these boats are extremely light and agile. Quickboats made a huge splash when they came out, earning a lot of praises from professionals and hobbyists alike. 

That said, it is likely that you will not hear about Quickboats anytime soon. This is because the company was acquired by a Sydney-based purchaser, and the product has not been re-launched. This article will provide some information about quickboats as well as what happened to them. 

A short profile on quickboats

Quickboats were first introduced to the market in 2014, advertised as a durable boat that can easily be folded within just a few minutes. This will make it much easier to store the boats in your garage, for example, or to take them with you to a body of water without the need for a trailer, which can be quite expensive for many families. It takes just 60 seconds to assemble a quickboat from all its components, much quicker than other competitors. 

Quickboats are also made from highly durable materials such as Kevlar, allowing them to withstand the waves as well as rough waters much more easily than other types of boats. The Teflon armor plate will also prevent sand or pebbles from penetrating the outer layer of the boat, which can cause damage to the interiors of the boat itself. 

Are quickboats more convenient than conventional boats?

The answer is a resounding yes! Quickboats do not require trailers to tow them around, so you will not have to spend a lot more money just to tow your boat around. The fact that you can also assemble the boat in just 60 seconds also makes it a great choice for most hobbyists, who usually do not have the space to store a large boat at their home. Quickboats are also quite resilient due to how they are constructed, so you will not have to worry about the boats falling apart due to strong waves or strong winds. 

What happened to quickboats?

Quickboats were a great invention, and they were put on sale for quite a while after their introduction. However, things took a bad turn in 2017. The company was sold to a purchaser in Sydney, and all sales were stopped. The company tried to find other means of production, but there has been no success so far. 

All hope is not lost, however. Even though you cannot buy quickboats through the company and their website, you can still find a lot of these boats on second-hand markets. You should not expect an official warranty from the production company, however. That said, you can still get your quickboats fixed at the local mechanics with ease. 

Alternatives to quickboats

With the discontinuation of sale of quickboats, you will have to look for alternatives that can perform as well as quickboats while still offering the same flexibility. Fortunately, there are quite some options that can help you enjoy your favorite sport and leisure activity. 

  • Transporter: Transporter is a type of boat that is also very quick and agile. It features a modular design that allows you to take it apart and then reassemble it within just 10 minutes. A transporter boat is considerably smaller than a quickboat, however, so they might not fare very well in rough waters. A transporter boat can also be carried on the roof of your car, so you will not need a trailer to pull it. 
  • Smarktat: Smartkat is another brand of boats that features modular designs as well as quick storage mechanisms. Smarkat boats take just about 20 minutes to get assembled, and they do come with an edge over other types of boats: They feature an electric motor that will keep the engine running even if there is no wind. 
  • Conventional boats: Conventional boats are rather bulky, but they are extremely sturdy, especially the higher-end models. They can withstand rough waters more effectively than other boats, so they will be the best choices for extreme sports. You will have to handle the logistics issue if you choose to buy conventional boats, however.

Are quickboats a good investment?

If you can find a quickboat on the second-hand market, it is definitely a good investment. The short assembly time, as well as the ease of use, make quickboats an extremely good choice for hobbyists. However, you should be at least competent in maintaining and fixing the boat, as the company will not be able to provide technical assistance if you need it.

What happened to quickboats was a tragedy, as the invention was quite outstanding on its own. While it is not possible to buy a quickboat on the official website anymore, you can always look for one in groups of enthusiasts or second-hand markets!