What is remux

By Viet Nguyen Written by Viet Nguyen
Updated on April 9, 2022

If you have been in the video editor community recently, chances are that you have encountered the term remux. Remux videos have been around for a while, and many newcomers, as well as professionals, mix up the term with remix, which is spelt quite similar to it. 

A remux video is a video with lossless video quality, but at a greatly reduced size, and it does not have extras nor a menu. This article will provide you with the most important information about remux videos so that you can edit and stream videos more effectively!

What is remux to MP4?

Remux refers to a kind of video, where the quality remains lossless even after it has been processed. Remuxed videos are often transformed from one format to another, such as from BluRay to MKV, without losing any data in the process. In a sense, when you are remuxing a video, you are just changing the content from one container to another.

Remuxed videos often take much less storage space than the original videos. This is because the extras have been taken out of the videos themselves, and only the main content remains. For this reason, remux is the perfect choice for people who simply wish to enjoy the movie without the extras. 

Remux vs encode

Remuxing is very different from encoding. Both are processes in video editing, but both serve different functions. Remuxing is the process of moving the content of a video from one container to another, which will drastically reduce the size of the files during the process. The extra content within the files will be removed to prevent file size bloating.

Encoding is a completely different process. This is the process of changing raw video content into digital formats so that computers and digital devices can read them. In this process, the video is compressed so that it can easily be transmitted over the Internet. For this reason, encoding is extremely important for streaming. Without this process, streaming videos will become too big for your bandwidth to handle, and you will not be able to stream your video content at all. 

For video encoding, you will need a powerful GPU that can handle intensive processes. Some GPUs can take on these processes for the CPU to release more resources, which allows the PC to run more smoothly. The more powerful your GPU is, the more likely it is that the process will be smoother. Some GPUs feature a dedicated encoding chip, which will greatly boost the efficiency of the encoding process without taxing the CPU. 

Remux vs BluRay

Remux quality is also usually compared to BluRay quality. A BluRay recording is usually the original release of the video, so it includes all the original content of a video. Meanwhile, a remuxed video is a processed video with lossless quality. The extra content of the original video has been removed, but the original quality is still guaranteed. As a result, a remux video can be just as good as the original BluRay video. 

Remux vs HEVC

Remux shares many similarities with HEVC, which stands for high-efficiency video coding. HEVC is a standard for video compression, designed to replace the dated Advanced Video Coding. Videos compliant with this standard feature much higher resolutions than standard videos. The HEVC standard is not yet widely implemented, but it has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Remux is not a standard of compression, but rather a process of compressing videos.

Is remux quality good? 

Remux quality is practically the same as the quality of the original video. This is because the entire remuxing process does not reduce the video quality, it just drastically reduces the size of the video. In order to assure the quality while reducing storage size, remux videos often do not have extra sections such as bloopers or actors’ biographies. While this certainly is a step backward from the original video, the remux video will still retain the main content with no loss of quality. This is why remux videos are a perfect option for people who wish to see the main content without the extras. 

Remux videos are also much easier to transmit through the Internet as compared to the original videos. This is because the files are much more compact and compressed, so the usual household bandwidth can handle them with ease. If you wish to transmit videos that are simply too large, you will have to use BluRay discs, which can be quite expensive.

Remux is a ripping process that drastically reduces the size of a video without affecting its quality. This can be achieved by removing the menu as well as the extras from the video, leaving only the most crucial part intact. Remux videos are a godsend for people who enjoy watching and sharing videos but are not keen on buying multiple BluRay discs just for the purpose of sharing these videos. Remuxed videos are just as good as the original videos.