AMC 8 Statistics

The American Mathematics Contest or AMC 8 is one of the three levels of AMC test for students under the age of 14.5 and in 8th grade and below. AMC 8 is a 40-minute test with 25 multiple choice mathematical questions, covering geometry, counting, probability, basic number theory, application problems, etc. The test aimed to promote the development of problem-solving skills and analytical thinking of students that will help in their future careers. Students will have to solve each question manually without a calculator. Students are rated based on correct answers. The top 1% of students, ranging from 19 to 25, will be ranked as the Distinguished Honor Roll, and the top 5% ranging from 15 to 19, will belong to Honor Rolls.

In the recent year, the average score for AMC-8 is 10 correct answers out of 25 questions, the Distinguished Honor Roll was 21 right out of 25, and the Honor Roll was 18 right out of 25 questions. The difficulty of the test and the number of passers varies each year. There are years that questions are way harder, that even honor roll scores are far lower than 25. For example, in 2018, the Honor Roll only scored 15 and above, the median score was 8 right, and the average score was 8.51. While in 2017, the average score worldwide was 8.96.

What is the average score for AMC 8 2020?

The average score for AMC-8 2020 is 10.00

In AMC-8 held last November 2020, 56,099 students took the exam from 1408 schools worldwide. The average score is 10 right out of 25. Per gender distribution, the female average score is 9.46 average and 10.55 for males.

How many students got the average score in 2020?

53.73% of the takers got an average score of 10

Out of 56,099 students, almost half of the takers in November 2020 AMC- 8 got an average score of 10. There are 2,393 males, 1,879 females, and 833 unknown who got an average score, totaling 5,105 students.

How many students got below-average scores in 2020?

The top 75% score is below average with a 7.0 score

Out of 56,099 AMC-8 2020 takers, half of the takers got below 10, which is the average score worldwide. 25% of the takers got 7 right answers out of 25 questions.  While only 50% of the takers got an average score of 10, thus, half of the takers got below average. The high percentage of the students who got lower than average score is said to be caused by the unusual and unequal distribution of problems for 2020.

There are 3,719 students who got 0 score in AMC-8 2020

There is a huge chunk of the takers who got 0 score in the November 2020 AMC-8, which is 6.63% of the takers. 2,120 are males, 1,464 are females, and 135 are unknown.

According to Ivy League Education Center, AMC-8 in 2020 is the hardest set since its creation in 1985. There are 15 arithmetic and algebra problems, 8 counting problems, 1 geometry problem, and 1 number theory problem. 2020 seems to be the hardest since all the problems are word problems and require critical thinking and advanced mathematical skills. The problem distribution is extremely unusual and unequal, unlike in the previous years.

How many got a perfect score in AMC 8 2020?

2020 AMC 8 Results shows 57 students received perfect scores

Out of 56,099 students, 57 students got the perfect score. 39 students from 8th grade, 13 students from 7th grade, 2 each for 5th and 6th grade, and 1 in 4th grade. IDEA MATH school has the greatest number of perfect scores. 53 students are from the United States, mostly from the state of California.

Which country had the highest number of perfect scores?

United States of America ranked number 1 with the greatest number of perfect scores

In the 2020 AMC-8 held in November, the United States of America has the highest number of perfect scores with 53 students across the country. California state has the highest number of perfect scores with 14 students from different schools in the state. IDEA MATH ranked number with the greatest number of students who got perfect scores. This school has been consistent in placing students in the AMC-8 list because of its in-depth and rigorous curriculum focused on the development of critical and analytical thinking of students.

Grade and Gender Average in AMC 8

Grade 8 has the highest average rate of 10.63 (10.08 for females and 11.30 for males

Among grades 7, 6, 5,4, and below, grade 8 has the highest average score. While grade 6 has the least average score of 9. 08 (8.49 for females and 9.52 for males).

Looking at the gender distribution of the AMC-8 report, females’ average score is a bit lower than males. Females have a 9.46 average score, while males have a 10.55 average score.