How much is 324 Shein Points?

Every online store needs a reward point program to build community by allowing customers to use earned points to purchase more items from their e-commerce site. It brings customers back again and again and promotes loyalty of the customer.

Shein is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms that do reward point programs. They are known for affordable women’s apparel and other fashion items. Every 100 points you earn from the store is equivalent to one US Dollar. Thus, 324 points are about three US dollars, which can be used to deduct on your next purchase. It is not that much yet, but who doesn’t want a discount? You can use it on your next purchase or earn more for bigger purchases. Either way, it’s free.

What is the equivalent of 324 Shein points to USD?

324 points is equivalent to three US dollars

Every time you confirm the shipment of your order, you earn points directly credited to your account. The points you will earn depend on the cost of the item (excluding tax, shipping cost, and insurance). Each dollar spent is equivalent to one point, and 100 accumulated points are equivalent to one US dollar. So, if you have earned 324 points on your account, that means you already have more than three US dollars.

How to earn Shein points?

Earning points in Shein is pretty easy, and fortunately, there are a lot of ways to earn points from Shein. Here are some of the known ways how to enjoy the perks Shein offers using your accumulated points:

1.       Sign up to Shein

Complete your registration online and receive a hundred points once your email is verified.

2.     Buy from Shein

Complete your purchase and earn one point for every dollar spent on the item (except tax, shipping fee, and insurance fee).

3.     Events

You can join Shein events and participate in their live broadcast through several social media platforms and earn points.

4.     Leave your product review

After your purchase, you leave a comment to earn points:

  1. Text comment- 5 points
  2. Review with photos- 10 points

For a more detailed review, you can have additional two points. You can also have an opportunity to share it to your Facebook account and share your experience. You can hit the daily maximum point of 2000.

Do Shein points expire?

You have seven days to three months to use your points.

Yes, Shein points do expire from seven days to three months. Expiration dates are indicated upon the award of points to your account. So, it is best to use the points that have the earliest expiration date. Once it expires, it will be forfeited and deleted from your account.

How much discount can I get for 324 Shein points?

Up to 85% off from hot sale deals

Once you receive your points, you can redeem them on any products you want. The percentage of discount you can have depends on the price of the item. So, for 324 points, you can have a 3 dollar off from your purchase.