How much is 45000 southwest points worth

By Dianne Catapang Written by Dianne Catapang
Updated on September 26, 2022

Southwest Airlines is one of the most recognized airlines because of its fanbase. They offer so-called “Rapid Reward Points” that you can earn, but it’s not that easy if you don’t dedicate yourself to the offer. People might wonder how much these points are worth if converted to real money.

Based on statistics, Southwest points value 1.3 cents each, meaning the 45000 southwest points worth is $585. This statistic establishes its record on real-world data on hundreds of economy courses.

How much is 45000 southwest points worth

The question is, “How can you convert these points into real money?” You must read more to know how Southwest points works.

What are Southwest Rapid Rewards?

If you’re a regular customer of Southwest airlines or even just a first-timer flier, Southwest grants its customers the membership of its loyalty program. The Southwest Rapid Rewards are attainable whenever you choose Southwest to be your partner in flying.

The Southwest Rapid Rewards don’t expire, and like any airline reward points, they can help you save money whenever you travel with them. You earn Southwest Rapid Rewards every time you fly with them and different portals such as dining and shopping.

How much is 45000 Southwest points when converted to dollars?

According to the Point Calculator that converts reward points to dollars, the reward points today cost 1.3 cents which you can redeem for award flights exclusive only with Southwest airlines. The 45000 Southwest points, if converted into dollars, they valued at $585 

The calculator is available for people who want to see if their points cost much money today. An average value for 1000 points is $13. It means that the value of the Southwest points cost today about 1.3 cents only.

Does the value of 45000 Southwest point change?

The value of the Southwest point doesn’t change and will remain constant if the flight price doesn’t increase. Since there’s no free or award chart, your southwest reward point’s value will still be the specific cash amount as it should be.

It means that the 45000 points you have will stay the same as long as you don’t fly with them again to add it to your existing issues. Remember that the points you earn will increase based on the flight’s price.

On what can you spend 45000 Southwest points

First of all, you can spend it on their Southwest flights. You can also use your points for your gift cards because there are over 40 brands of gift cards available. You can also use your Southwest points for car rentals such as Enterprise, Alamo, and Hertz. You can spend your 45000 Southwest points on hotels such as Best Western, Marriott, and Hyatt. 

How much is 45000 southwest points worth

The value of 45000 Southwest points compared to 45000 points from other airline loyalty mines.

The value of Southwest’s points compared to others is much more different because Southwest will never give a low amount of airline points compared to other major airlines. The main difference between other airlines to Southwest is that the value of Southwest is based on per mile means you get more if you booked for much more expensive airfare. 

Your 45000 Southwest points may be smaller than other airlines because Southwest points are much higher than other airline loyalty mines. Imagine that with other airlines, the cost of their reward is only $0.01, while in Southwest, you could get $0.03 per mile or more.