How much is 500 Shein Points?

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Updated on October 2, 2022

Shein is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms for ladies’ apparel and some men’s and children’s wear. Through the years, it grew into one of the biggest trusted online stores worldwide because they use a reward point program to build its community.  It lets its customers earn points every time they check out. They can redeem the accumulated points on their next purchase.

The tag price of an item is equivalent to points. Every 100 points you earn from your purchase is equivalent to one US Dollar. Thus, with 500 points, you already have five US dollars, which can be used to deduct on your next purchase.

What is the equivalent of 500 Shein points to USD?

500 points is equivalent to 5 US dollars

Every time you buy a product with Shein they will give the same number of points as with the price. However, keep in mind that tax, shipping fee, or insurance fee is exclusive to this. So, if you bought a $500 $ 5 item, you would earn 500 points, which are equivalent to five US Dollars.

How to earn Shein points?

1.       Sign up for Shein

Create an account to Shein and earn 100 points after you go verified.

2.       Buy from Shein

Shein is generous enough to give points equivalent to the price of the item. Hence, the more purchase you have, the more you earn points.

3.       Join Shein events

You can join Shein events on Instagram, participate and earn points and discounts.

4.       Post a comment

In addition to the points, you earn each time to buy from the store, you can earn more by leaving your product review and sharing it on your social media accounts. The more detailed it is, the more points that you’ll have. You can as much as 2000 in a day just by posting your comment.

What can I do with 500 Shein points?

Use your points on your next purchase. \

500 points are not that many yet, since it is only $5. But who doesn’t want a discount? You can use your earned points right away on your next purchase and take off $5 on your purchase, or you keep earning points and redeem them when you have accumulated more points. Just remember to use it before the expiration date.

Do Shein points expire?

Points expire within seven days to three months.

Yes, Shein points expire. So, use it while you can. Take note of the expiration day so you won’t miss getting a discount.

How much discount can I get for 500 Shein points?

Up to 85% off from hot sale deals

You can check latest promos and hot deals from Shein and redeem your 500 points for up to 85%. Take note that not all deals are the same. So, review the deals and redeem your points accordingly.