How much is 623 Spirit points worth?

Spirit point is a program of Spirit Airlines which rewards its loyal customers. Customers can use it at any time to get much-needed miles for travel. Points are earned by rewarding customer’s loyalty with a purchase from Spirit airlines. With these points, you can use them for all sorts of discounted ticket sales and even pay for charging your frequent flyer status.

The average value of Spirit point is 0.75 cents. That means 623 Spirit points have a value of roughly $467.25.  Points vary depending on the flight that you reserved. Generally, you gain higher points for international flights than for domestic flights. You can earn as much as $1.75 on high-value international tickets. You can also gain higher points when using Spirit cobranded credit card and booking your reservations early.

How can I earn 623 Spirit Points?

There are several ways to earn Spirit Points. Here are a few ways on how you can earn 623 Spirit points:

  1. Spirit Website sign in- Sign up for a free account on Spirit’s website and start earning points.
  2. Avail their Spirit credit card– Avail any of the two Spirit cards:
    • Free Spirit Travel More World Elite Mastercard ($79 annual fee)
    • Free Spirit Travel Mastercard (no annual fee)
  3. Book at Spirit Affiliated facilities– avail services at any Spirit Affiliated facilities such as shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, etc.  You can earn as much as 250 to 10,000 points on their online shopping centers.
  4. Book early-Have your flight reservation 28 days early and avoid a close-in booking fee.
  5. Car rental services – use Spirit-affiliated car rental services: Avis, Budget, Dollar, Hertz, Payless, and Thrifty
  6. Survey– Sign up for their survey and earn points

Can I fly free for 623 Spirit points?

623 points is not enough to fly for free

Flying for free on Spirit requires a certain point. But 623 Spirit points wouldn’t be enough to avail a one-way ticket.

Can I upgrade my seat on Spirit with 623 points?

623 Spirit points cannot be used to upgrade your seat

Spirit does not allow using points to upgrade your seat. Instead, they will require you to pay an extra $12 to $250 through their website.

What’s the Value of Spirit Airlines Points?

The baseline value of Free Spirit points is 0.75 cents each

The amount varies depending on the services you have availed yourself of. Generally, international flights have higher value points than local flights. You can earn as much as 1.8 points on an international flight.