The Buried Giant Ending

By Rakib Sarwar Written by Rakib Sarwar
Updated on June 13, 2023

 It’s always sad when a good book has to come to an end, but even more so when the ending is such a disappointment. That was the case with Kazuo Ishiguro’s “The Buried Giant.” Although it had all of the potential to be an amazing story, the novel fizzled out in the end. It was as if Ishiguro ran out of ideas and just decided to call it quits. Such a shame.

The Buried Giant is an allegory about the lost memories of World War II. It is a story of how the war has affected not just those who fought in it, but also their families and descendants. The mist that covers the land represents the fog of war that hides the truth from people and prevents them from moving forward. Edwin is representative of all of the young men who were drafted into service and never came home. His death symbolizes the sacrifices made by so many during World War II.

The Buried Giant

The Buried Giant Ending Explained 

So what does the buried giant mean? It’s fairly simple. The novel starts off with an elderly couple named Beatrice and Axl who is on a quest to visit their son who lives on the other side of a valley. They set out on this journey with high hopes, but as they travel, they begin to realize that the mist is slowly lifting and revealing the terrible events that took place during the war.

The “giant” is a metaphor for the populace of Britain. Beatrice and Axl are too old to fight in a war, but they were affected by it nonetheless. The war kept them apart from their son, killed Edwin, and led to the dissolution of their relationship.

The giant is “buried” or hidden because the people of Britain would rather not think about the past. They don’t want to relive the memories of pain and suffering so they choose to forget what happened and start anew. The buried giant is also a symbol for the defense mechanism and coping mechanisms that people use in order to deal with their emotions.

The Buried Giant Ending Meaning

There is no silver lining or moral of the story in “The Buried Giant.” The truth about what happened during the war will never be revealed and the people who fought in it will continue to suffer. It is a story of how memories can control our lives and prevent us from moving forward. Beatrice and Axl represent a whole generation of people who are destined to live their lives in the shadow of war.

The mist symbolizes how we see the past through a veil of selective memory. Things that we may not want to remember to happen become hazy and difficult to recall. Up until now, the people of Britain have chosen to forget what happened in order to shield themselves from the pain and suffering.

The Buried Giant Ending Analysis

As they near their destination, Beatrice and Axl come upon the remnants of an abandoned village. They find a young warrior lying face down in the river. They try to help him, but it’s too late. The warrior opens his eyes for one final moment before dying. When Beatrice and Axl see the warrior’s face, they realize that his eyes look just like their son’s.

The ending of “The Buried Giant” is open to interpretation. Is the warrior their son? Or is he representative of all of the young men who sacrificed themselves during the war? Are Beatrice and Axl helping their son to the afterlife, or are they committing suicide to join him?

The truth is that we may never know. The novel purposely leaves out all of the answers to satisfy your curiosity. Ishiguro wants you to ask yourself these same questions. He is forcing you to face the past and come up with your own answers. He wants you to draw your own conclusions about what happened in Britain during World War II.

What Is The Message Of The Buried Giant?

“The Buried Giant” is a story of how war can affect not only those who fight in it, but their families and descendants as well. It is a testament to the men and women who gave their lives in order for us to be free. The best way we can honor them is by remembering what they did and never taking peace for granted.

What Happens To Edwin In The Buried Giant?

Edwin, Beatrice and Axl’s son, was killed during the war. This may be why Beatrice and Axl are so determined to visit their son even though it will be difficult to cross the valley. They feel like they need to make peace with him before their journey can end.

What Does The Mist Symbolize In The Buried Giant?

The mist symbolizes the idea of selective memory. The people of Britain choose to forget about their past in order to shield themselves from pain and suffering. However, the mist also symbolizes how we view the past. It is not always clear and can sometimes be misinterpreted. (tramadol)

The Buried Giant is a story about love, loss, and forgetting. It is a reminder that the past cannot be forgotten, no matter how much we may want to move on. Memories can be both a burden and a blessing, and the choices we make in life can have far-reaching consequences.

Edwin’s journey is one of self-discovery, as he comes to terms with his own past and the role he played in the destruction of his village. The mist represents memories and the past, which are ever-present but often shrouded in darkness. Ultimately, The Buried Giant is a story about redemption and hope.