WMT Insider Alerts

By Dan Catapang Written by Dan Catapang
Updated on September 14, 2022

Insider activity has always been a good tool for investors. By observing an insider’s actions, you can make informed decisions on whether or not to invest in a company.

Suppose you want to observe WMT trading activities. Different websites allow you to do that. You can sign up for these services to receive alerts.

WMT Insider Alerts

While waiting for the next insider activity, we can look at recent relevant events.

WMT recent insider trading activity

1. On 08/25/2022, Walmart CEO C Douglas Mcmillon sold 9,708 shares at the average share price of $135.63. It has a total transaction amount of $1,316,696.04.

2. On 8/25/2022, S Robson Walton, a Walmart Director and heir to the company’s fortune, sold 347,542 shares at the average share price of $135.66. It has a total transaction amount of $47,147,547.72.

3. On 8/24/2022, Jim C Walton, a major shareholder, sold 136,617 shares at the average share price of $135.04. The total amount of the transaction was $18,448,759.68.

Is the recent WMT insider trading activity bullish or bearish?

When insiders buy shares of stock, they are confident that the stock price is about to go up. That is considered a bullish sign. 

Contrarily, when insiders sell shares of stock, they believe the stock price will soon fall. That is considered a bearish sign.

All the transactions mentioned above show insiders selling stock. Therefore, the recent WMT insider trading activity is bearish. That said, it is wise not to buy shares of Walmart stocks now. 

Which Walmart insiders have been selling stock?

Many Walmart insiders are selling stocks. The company’s CEO, C Douglas Mcmillon himself, is the most recent one to do it. 

Samuel Robson Walton also sold shares of Walmart stocks; he is a Walmart Director and the son of its founder. Samuel Walton sold shares of stocks three times within 8 days.

WMT Insider Alerts

Jim Walton, Walmart founders’ youngest son, has also sold shares of stocks.

How much insider buying is happening in WMT?

Things are not looking good for Walmart stock prices. There is not much insider buying happening in the company now. In fact, this type of activity is almost nonexistent.

The last time an insider bought shares of WMT stocks was on 3/8/2021. It was Randall L Stephenson, a WMT Director. He bought 7,725 shares at the average price of $129.63, with a total amount of $1,001,391.75.

And even at that time, no one was buying shares of WMT stocks. The one before that happened on 12/22015.