30 vs 36 Cooktop

By Mohammad Alam Written by Mohammad Alam
Updated on June 9, 2022

A cooktop is a smart kitchen appliance that you must have in your kitchen. Cooktops are very popular because of their multiple separate cooking sections. However due to technical advancements now see a variety of cooktops with unique features such as burner types, surface types, material, etc. 

But the most popular and standard cooktops are the 30 & 36-inches. Before choosing the cooktop, you should do your research and comparison to know which cooktop is more suitable for your kitchen’s cabinet. So, check out the differences between the 30 & 36-inch cooktops.

30 vs 36-inch cooktops: Burner Types

There are mainly three types of burner types one can find in the market. They are-

  1. Electric Smooth Top: Electric Top is often called electric smooth top as the surface of the top is made of glass or ceramics. In this cooktop heating elements are housed in the glass or ceramic surface. As a result, it produces extreme heat sometimes. So, one may have to wait for a few minutes to adjust the heat. 

Besides, this top looks appealing as ceramics/glasses are used. It is also very easy to clean. However, the electric top is more popular than the other types of burner because of its cost-effectiveness.

  1. Induction Cooktop: Magnetic coal is used to generate heat in an induction cooktop. The induction cooktop’s surface is also made of ceramic glass. Therefore, an induction cooktop also creates heat very fast. But there’s precise temperature control. After the electric top, induction is very popular among the users.

The induction cooktop needs to be cleaned similarly to the electric top. The induction cooktop’s material is quite sensitive. Though it’s easy to clean, still one should be cautious otherwise damages can be caused.

  1. Gas Cooktop: In gas cooktops, heat is produced by an open flame and there’s a controller to adjust the flame. The biggest advantage of a gas cooktop is that one doesn’t have to wait for a long time to adjust the flame and heat.

In most 30-inch cooktops there are four burners. But in the market one may find three or five-burner cooktops. And in the case of a 36-inch cooktop, there are generally six burners. However, the burner number can be five in a 36-inch top. But it won’t be more than six.

30 vs 36-inch Cooktops: Cooking

Though both 30-36 cooktops are considered standard, the difference between burner numbers creates special value. For professional use, one will definitely prefer to use a 36-inch cooktop as it’s larger space and one can cook multiple things at the same time using it.

On the contrary, a 30-inch cooktop is more user-friendly for regular home cooking. But during occasions or party days, one may feel the need for a 36-inch cooktop as it can be used for multiple purposes.  

30 vs 36-inch Cooktops: Price

The average price of a 30-inch cooktop ranges from $300 to $ 5000 and the price of a 36-inch cooktop ranges from $600 t0 $8000 depending on its features, materials, and installation cost.

Which one is better between 30 vs 36-inch cooktops:

Both 30 36- inch cooktops are standard in size. But personal preference and priorities can make a difference.

If one is looking for a cooktop for professional use then it’s better to choose a 36-inch cooktop. The 36-inch cooktop will give the user more freedom to cook multiple dishes at the same time. But for daily use, a 30-inch cooktop is perfect for a household. In exceptional situations, one can demand a larger cooktop when one needs to cook various items.

You may think the more burners the cooktop has the better it is. Not in all scenarios burners number matters. While cooking on a 36-inch cooktop with six burners it may become difficult for you to cook as the cooktop will be crowded and there’s no extra space.

We know the 36-inch cooktop requires more space than the 30-inch cooktop. Thus, a 30-inch cooktop can be fitted into regular cabinetry easily. But to install a 36-inch cooktop will require more space in the cabinetry and kitchen. For a small kitchen, a 30-inch cooktop is perfect.

Lifestyle is another important factor. If one likes to consume less, then a 30-inch cooktop will be perfect for them. On the other hand if one is arranging parties frequently and guests are visiting him constantly, then they’ll need more burners than usual.

Considering all the facts it can be said, which cooktop is better depends on the motive of consumers. A 30-inch cooktop is best if it’s bought for regular household cooking purposes. But for professional or occasional purposes a 36-inch cooktop is more appropriate. So, the consumer should be clear about their needs, whether they need more space in the kitchen or more burners to cook multiple things in a time-efficient manner.