3rd Gen Tacoma Tow Mirrors

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Updated on August 12, 2023

Towing a trailer adds an additional level of difficulty to driving. Most trailers are broader than the vehicle that tows them, obstructing the driver’s rear visibility. Towing safety requires looking behind the trailer’s sides whether turning, reversing, or cruising down the highway. If your car did not come equipped with original towing reflectors, alternative towing mirrors can suffice, such as 3rd gen Tacoma tow mirrors. 

There are ranges of configurations Tacoma Towing Mirrors can offer. From simple slip-ons to Snap-On connections, the mirrors are the best substitute for the truck’s original mirrors. The third generation of Taco’s Tow Mirrors is a must-have to improve visibility and make a tow drive much safer and easier.

Where to buy 3rd gen Tacoma tow mirrors

Towing may be an arduous task. You will need a superb set of towing reflectors on your car to provide yourself ease of mind when driving. Most Tacoma drivers prefer buying tow mirrors to have a better vision of what is going on behind them, on their side as well as the passenger’s side, retaining safety on the road.

Tacoma tow mirrors aren’t always available at usual hardware stores. However, you can find tons of it online like on Amazon or eBay. There are also other sites online where you can purchase a third gen Tacoma tow mirror, such as clearviewmirrorsusa.com. One must ensure that the site you are buying from is reputable to avoid getting scammed.

Read reviews and do your research. Purchasing things online can be very convenient but it also has its downside so protect yourself and get your money’s worth by being a smart consumer. 

3rd gen Tacoma tow mirrors: Are they necessary?

Yes. When your truck is broader than the tow vehicle, the vision is restricted, and the passenger’s and driver’s side car reflectors cannot see through it. As a result, the towing mirrors expand the vision from the driver’s seat to the rear of the caravan, as well as the blind spot towards the side. 

One thing that everyone should take note of is that it is not possible to see the entire length of your trailer and the traffic behind it with just a regular rear-view mirror of your Tacoma vehicle. So even if the state you are in does not require one, a special towing mirror is necessary and best to buy to improve the towing stability. 

It is critical to keep an eye on what’s happening around a car for safety purposes. You’ll need something to enhance your angle of vision if the object you’re towing is larger than your car. That is exactly what a towing mirror accomplishes. 

Most automobiles’ original side mirrors have a narrow field of view, resulting in blind spots. Once you’re towing anything, these places make it much harder to look at what is really going onto your right, left, and back. Blind spots can be reduced with the use of towing mirrors. 

Towing may be a stressful experience. Not only must you keep an eye out for any potential road dangers next to you, but you must also be aware of what is going on behind you.

Is it illegal to drive with towing mirrors when not towing?

Most trail drivers or “camper owners” are unaware that there are laws and regulations on using towing vehicles. Some of them, however, are just ignoring the state laws. Having special towing mirrors isn’t just necessary. 

Varying from state to state, towing mirrors are mandatory. For safety precautions, some states are requiring this type of mirror to avoid road accidents, as trailers are prone to it. 

If not towing, one must remove the towing mirrors as it is unlawful to travel with them unless you are towing something. 

In the UK, if you got caught with no caravan reflectors, tow mirrors, or if your mirror is too thin, (which they called “towing blind”), you might incur at least three points off your license and be fined up to £1,000. 

So, it is hardly worth taking the risk, when you can buy a set of mirrors for £30. Hence, they should be on your Tow equipment list as a must-have. They may not only protect you from punishment, but they may also save someone’s life.

What should I see in towing mirrors?

When hauling a van and any other trailer, you must have a clear range of view all the way behind and above your caravan, with no blind spots. Most of the trailers are much wider than cars and even 4 by 4’s, thus it is hard to view them from behind and side. Towing reflectors should be visible from behind the trailer; if they are not, you’ll have to use extra-wide arms to extend the projection of the mirrors.

Blind spots are a critical concern while traveling in general. These were and always had been the primary cause of towing-related traffic issues and crashes. 

Towing Mirrors like the Third Generation Tacoma Mirrors help the driver to see the whole width of the truck and whatever is behind it on the road. It avoids having any blind spots on the automobile and provides more mobility, safety, and security on the journey.