Mohave CUV tire review

By Dan Catapang Written by Dan Catapang
Updated on September 7, 2022

CUVs are greatly popular since they are meant to do good on the road and perform well in diverse needs. However, high-quality and versatile tires are needed to support the best performance on the road. At the same time, tires also contribute to effective and safe maneuvers to get you to your destination with no problems. 

The Mohave CUV tire is among the top options of today. In particular, it is popular with its impressive all-season grip. At the same time, it is also specifically meant for highway touring performances. When it comes to quality, it is engineered for safe and reliable road performance, even if the weather goes south. 

Mohave CUV tire review

If you are already interested in the Mohave CUV tire with just knowing what to expect with its performance on the road, it is not enough information to contemplate. Even greater details to consider is what customers have to say about it. So, continue reading to discover more. 

Overall customer satisfaction with Mohave CUV tire

Greatly, the Mohave CUV tire performs similarly to how it is actually promoted. What makes the customers highly satisfied with the Mohave CUV tire is that it can efficiently guarantee road safety, regardless of its attractive price tag. Simply put, it performs truly close to the expensive CUV tires. 

Without a doubt, being cheaper really makes the Mohave CUV tire a good choice for some. That’s why being able to meet what’s expected from it is truly a good thing for CUV owners who have trusted it. Overall, many customers think it is satisfying and practical to choose the Mohave CUV tire for anyone on a budget. In fact, with four Mohave CUV tires, you can only get about two of the expensive ones. 

What do most customers say about the Mohave CUV tire?

Interestingly, a popular customer’s opinion about the Mohave CUV tire is that it is cheap for a reason. That said, many people truly think this tire can’t be equal to expensive tires. Also, they are worried that choosing cheaper tires, like the Mohave CUV tire, is a sure way to compromise road safety and comfort when driving. 

Even though more budget-friendly CUV tires are not automatically inferior to expensive ones, many can help but to doubt the Mohave CUV tire when it comes to its quality. After all, many believe that price mirrors the quality and performance of most products. Thus, it is a reasonable excuse for some negative thinking about the Mohave CUV tire. 

What’s great about the Mohave CUV tire is that it proves to many that it is wrong to quickly doubt, especially just knowing it comes with a cheaper price tag. As a matter of fact, it boasts positive customer ratings of 4.5 stars. That’s a lot to say regarding its quality and customer satisfaction with its overall performance. Of course, the customer rating is a piece of positive news that adds trust to the CUV tire. 

Meanwhile, many customers also have realized that the Mohave CUV tire is not really cheap, after all. Being required to change it quickly means its cost is not that worth it when it comes to its lifespan. 

Customers’ general impression of the quality of the product   

An overwhelming number of customers think that being cheaper than other CUV tires makes the Mohave CUV tire highly popular. That’s the impression this CUV tire really gives a lot of people. Basically, its price contributes hugely to this reputation. 

Mohave CUV tire review

Being well known as a cheaper CUV tire option does good and bad for the Mohave CUV tire. Of course, some customers are pleased that the CUV tire is available at a lesser cost, which makes them free to buy Mohave CUV tires compared to how many they can buy when choosing expensive CUV tires.

On the other hand, some customers doubted the quality and road safety guarantee of the Mohave CUV tire since it is a little cheaper. Lucky for it, some people shared that it can actually have better wet and dry climate-breaking capacity than expected. At the same time, they also experienced that the CUV tire has a similar quiet ride and comfort ratings as the expensive ones. 

Basically, the customers’ general impression of the Mohave CUV tire is both good and bad. The best way to know if it is worth it is to know if you can handle its flaws. 

Common drawbacks customers think about Mohave CUV tire

Unsurprisingly, there are common drawbacks to the Mohave CUV tire. These details are relevant if you want to determine if the CUV tire is worth having. Check them out below: 

bad quality 

It makes sense that some people think the Mohave CUV tire is cheap for a reason. Thus, its bad quality is among its popular drawbacks. The quality is proven bad as some customers shared on online forums that the CUV tire wears quickly. 

vibration issues

Despite the promised excellent touring performance, there are also instances where the Mohave CUV tire causes vibration issues and radial pull. Well, the cheap price is always to blame. 

cheap performance

Mostly, it is a common expectation for the Mohave CUV tire that it comes with a cheap performance. Some customers encountered this issue, along with the short lifespan of the CUV tire. This is why there are discouraging opinions about cheaper CUV tires, including this one.  

Do customers only want Mohave CUV tires because it is cheap? 

Truly, it is hard to deny that the primary selling point of the Mohave CUV tire is its attractive price tag. Being cheap makes it highly popular, after all. Most of the time, customers have tried it because it didn’t cost them much. Well, that’s one reason. 

Besides the cheap cost, the Mohave CUV tire is also well-known for its commendable quality. As said, some customers have experienced that the CUV tire can efficiently perform what’s expected from it, such as high touring performance. 

Definitely, to name reasons why many customers want the Mohave CUV tire, there’s no question that its cheap price and quality top the list. 

Are Copper CUV tire and Hankook CUV tire better than Mohave CUV tire?

Interestingly, the Copper CUV tire and Hankook CUV tire are included in the top CUV tires you can purchase today. So, it makes sense that they can be better than the Mohave CUV tire at some point. In fact, the Copper CUV tire is popular for its off-the-charts performance ratings and maximum comfort. 

Mohave CUV tire review

Meanwhile, the Hankook CUV tire is a luxurious option that is well-praised for its excellent all-season performance. As a matter of fact, it is expertly created for great handling response, high stability, and better steering. This might be the best option except for those on a tight budget, which is why the Mohave CUV tire is popular. 

Is it worth it to buy a Mohave CUV tire at Discount Tire?

Discount Tire is one of the biggest independent tire retailers where you can purchase the Mohave CUV tire. It is a good company with commendable customer service, so it might be worth buying from it. 

When it comes to choosing the Mohave CUV tire, it might be the most practical choice if you are on a budget. With its quality and performance, it is worth the shot, especially since it is meant to perform with an all-season grip and highway touring.