Nissens radiator reviews

By Dianne Catapang Written by Dianne Catapang
Updated on September 6, 2022

Nissens radiator is one of the popular options used as an essential component in a vehicle’s cooling system. Like any other radiator, this one from Nissens performs effectively by regulating and monitoring a vehicle engine’s performance. As it is a cooling system component, it serves as an efficient way to avoid overheating. 

Without a doubt, the Nissens radiator is just one of the options for a radiator. Even though the majority of radiators share the same purpose, not all are worth having. Since radiators are highly essential for cooling combustion engines, knowing how to choose the right one is needed if you want to make the most of what you paid for a radiator. 

Wondering how good the Nissens radiator is? Then, check out what customers say about it, including the common drawbacks — all of that and more below. So, keep reading. 

Nissens radiator reviews

The customers’ overall ratings about Nissens radiator online

Certainly, the Nissens radiator is popular for good reasons, especially since it performs as expected most of the time. With that being said, it is really no wonder why it has great customer overall ratings. As a matter of fact, one popular online shop that sells the Nissens radiator also has great ratings for it. 

Moreover, the Nissens radiator has 3.2 stars out of 5 in the global ratings. To be specific, 52% of the customers who rated the Nissens radiator gave 5 stars to it. Meanwhile, 17% gave 2 stars, and 31% gave just 1 star to show their disappointment in the product. With these accumulated numbers, it is safe to say that most customers who have tried using the Nissens radiator have been satisfied. 

What do most customers say about using the Nissens radiator?

Based on the online customer ratings for the Nissens radiator, it is not completely surprising that it has a share of negative reviews from some customers. The good thing is that the product has more positive reviews from most of the customers. 

Surely, a significant number of customers agreed that the Nissens radiator is a well-made component for an engine’s cooling system. In fact, one customer has even assured the people that the Nissens radiator has a perfect fit and great quality. Reviews like these are why the product is becoming more popular than its competitors. 

Aside from the quality, one customer even took the time and praised the packaging of the Nissens radiator, posting that it has perfection. At the same time, the customer also said that the build quality was a step above another well-known aftermarket supply company. Another great thing about the product is customers’ high remarks about its general aesthetic appearance.

One customer also shared that the Nissens radiator caused no issues when used. There’s also a posted update that the radiator is still working strongly even after 5 years. Wisely, that’s a lot of positive meaning for the product. 

Overview of customers’ feedback on the Nissens radiator

Based on what most customers say about the Nissens radiator, it is safe to say that the product has a really great reputation. By having a quality that is almost the same as the more expensive ones, it deserves to be well-known.   

Wisely, the customers’ feedback for the Nissens radiator is more positive than not. From good reviews of the packaging and quality to the praises of general aesthetic appearance and performance after years, it is convincing that it is a top choice for a radiator. 

Nissens radiator reviews

Without a doubt, the overall customers’ feedback on the Nissens radiator is good. Even though there are issues with it, the majority still have positive reviews as they didn’t experience trouble with the product, unlike some people. Therefore, the overall feedback remains to be good. 

Common drawbacks in buying a Nissens radiator

As mentioned above, the Nissens radiator has a fair share of drawbacks. Of course, it is important to know them as they can make or break the deal. Following are the common drawbacks most customers say about it: 

leaking issues

Contrary to most of the customers’ experience, some past customers shared that the Nissens radiator caused leaking issues. Basically, this has something to do with the product’s quality. 


defective quality 

There have been instances that the Nissens radiator performed far from expectations, primarily because of the defective quality. That said, it is no wonder it failed to do what it should. 

deteriorating quality over time

Although some customers have experienced that their Nissens radiators are still working strong after years, some had it otherwise. In fact, one customer even posted a review of the product, containing the regret of choosing a cheap alternative, saying that going cheap costs more in the long run. 

cheap “fakes”

As already said, some think the Nissens radiator is just a cheap alternative to the BMW radiator. That’s why it is difficult for the product to just have a positive review. Some common drawbacks are simply overshadowing. 

requires modification 

Most of the time, the Nissens radiator is praised for having a perfect fit. However, it is not the same experience for everyone. In particular, one customer shared that the product needs modifications, which is disappointing. 

Do customers generally prefer a Nissens radiator over a BMW radiator?

Some customers who used a BMW radiator have switched to Nissens radiator and said it is almost similar. Generally, if it is just for quality, expensive radiators are always preferred. As for most customers choosing the Nissens radiator, it is undeniable that the primary reason for the decision is the attractive price tag of the Nissens radiator. 

Nissens radiator reviews

Obviously, some regretted going for a little cheaper, while some were content with the Nissens radiator. With that said, the choice is really in the hands of the buyer. 

What are the benefits of buying a Nissens radiator over its competitors?

Despite having a cheaper price tag than other radiators, choosing the Nissen radiator has more benefits than you think. Interestingly, most of the benefits are already experienced by customers who have already purchased a Nissen radiator. These benefits include perfect fit and impressive product quality. 

Additionally, the top benefits of choosing the Nissen radiator include competitive price tag, excellent reliability and performance, easy and fit installation, and long product lifespan. Of course, the real benefits are proven by actually using the product rather than just believing what the brand said. So far, as for customers’ perspectives, the Nissen radiator is good in overall aspects.