3rd Gen Tacoma TRD Skid Plate

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Updated on August 31, 2023

We all know that automobile maintenance and repairs are a pain in our pockets. From road trips to adventure types of travel, one cannot really avoid getting their own car scratched. One of the costliest parts of any vehicle is its underside – if it is damaged, the main elements of your car will be affected, thus, skid plates were developed. If you’re looking for one, you can try getting a 3rd Gen Tacoma TRD Skid Plate.

The 3rd Gen Tacoma TRD Skid Plate, developed by none other than Toyota Racing Development, is not much different from other types and brands of skid plates. The skid plate serves to protect the underside of your automobile from harm while traveling off-road. Its laser-cut 3/16″ P/O metal matches well with the TRD Pro 3rd Gen Tacoma. Also, it comes with a sturdy metal front plate overlying the main section for additional durability. 

The front angle concept helps overcome the harshest types of terrain and prevents locking while rolling in reverse.

TRD Skid Plates are specially made from thick, silver-coated aluminum. It safeguards the vehicle’s transfer box, gasoline tank, and differentials from damage. Toyota made sure that they did not apply paint to the plate for the purpose of bruises or dents not being evident. If you experience bumps and obstacles off-road, the dents will blend in the color of the material, making it hardly seen. 

Though one of its sole purposes is protecting the underside of the vehicle, it is different compared to belly pans. Belly Pans, on the other hand, protect the vehicle’s underbelly from small debris from pavements and allow more aerodynamics.

With your 3rd gen Tacoma TRD skid plate, you’ll get the safety you require on the trails.

Does the Tacoma TRD off-road come with skid plates?

Toyota, one of the largest automobile companies,  understands that Tacoma owners and customers will most likely use it for off-road adventures. They made sure that the Tacoma TRD off-road and Pre-Runner came with factory-installed skid plates to assist and safeguard the truck’s guts. The Tacoma TRD Pro also comes equipped with a distinctive TRD Pro skid cover. 

The skid cover is made of ¼-inch thick aluminum that protects critical mechanical components beneath the front end. Skid plates are well worth the investment. 

How much does a 3rd Gen Tacoma TRD Skid Plate cost?

Skid plates for any off-road vehicle can cost up to $1,500 to purchase and install. Yes, it may seem very expensive, but compared to the cost of repairing what a skid plate protect? You can save thousands of dollars in repair costs by installing a skid plate. 

A transfer case replacement, for reference, may cost anywhere between $2,000 to $2,500. You’ll have to have a skid plate when you’re offroading, not just to protect your car from pebbles scraping underneath, but also to keep dirt out of the cracks.

What does the TRD skid plate protect?

The TRD skid plate protects the underbody of the car against damage caused by flying rocks, twigs, ice pieces, and other road debris. To make the skid plate, Toyota uses thick metal aluminum. The good thing about the skid plates is that they do not obstruct or interfere with the cooling system. 

In addition to its physical protection, it also helps the visual and looks of the car. The manufacturer intentionally skipped coloring the plates to make scratches and dents less visible.  

Toyota designers use rigorous CAD modeling to assist in optimizing protection and reduce seismic stress as well as noise concerns. 

Can you put a skid plate on a Tacoma Sport?

The Toyota TRD Tacoma Off-Road and Tacoma Sport are the best-selling vehicles in compact and midsize pick-up truck categories. They both come in a wide range of configurations. However, Tacoma Sport is more on the stylish side. 

Yes, you can put a skid plate on a Tacoma Sport. Anyway, it does not just add protection, but additionally gives more appeal to the vehicle. 

Skid plates are useful, but you cannot have them without paying of course. You can always consider researching the vehicle to see if it has an already installed skid plate, like some of the Tacoma vehicle line. Some people believe that vehicles do not need skid plates if the owner does not intend to mistreat them, or if the vehicle is just for the usual concrete road driving. 

Sure, a few trails are luckier than others, but if you think you’re going to be roughing it on a trek with big rocks as well as a bunch of stumps, don’t skip it.  If you plan to buy a Tacoma Sport and advance to some off-road activity, it’s always a smart option to include one. 

What is included in the Tacoma TRD Off Road Package?

Purchasing a pick-up trail truck can be very exciting. After all the research and savings, you finally got the truck you wish for that you can bring with you on your off-road adventures! Especially, if that vehicle will be the Off-Road Toyota Tacoma TRD. 

When you purchase this vehicle, you are not just going to receive the vehicle itself, but a tough and long-lasting partner! The package includes 16-inch wheels made of alloy, a new and improved suspension system, a dual-zone temperature monitoring system, and an 8.0-inch display. 

You’ll also be able to view the angles of your car thanks to a handy inclinometer screen. The TRD Off-Road variant comes with an amazing V6 engine that produces 278 horsepower and 265 pound-feet of torque, allowing you to conquer any terrain.