5-Inch vs. 6-Inch Recessed Lights

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Updated on August 12, 2023

Recessed lights offer better illumination across wide spaces and add an aesthetic appeal wherever you install them. The most common recessed lights feature down-light cans that measure five or six inches and perfectly suit different lighting needs. Read on to learn more about 5-inch vs 6-inch recessed lights below.

5 or 6 inch recessed lights fit several use cases and one might be better than the other in some instances. Both lights come with different energy efficiency ratings, spread, suitability, and other elements. 

Choosing the right can lights for your property is easy with access to correct information. That’s why this article provides vital information to help you compare 5 inch or 6 inch recessed lights properly. 

5-Inch vs 6-Inch Recessed Lights: Energy Efficiency

The amount of energy used by any recessed light doesn’t depend on its size but its LED rating. Some LED modules may have ENERGY STAR certification and use up much less energy than regular models.

Other models might possess stronger lumens per watt ratings and give out light without consuming too much energy. 

5-Inch vs 6-Inch Recessed Lights: For Wall Lighting

5-inch recessed lights possess smaller can housings and are perfect for wall and side lighting. 6-inch can lights are preferred for ceiling lighting based on their larger spread.

Lighting up walls on your property with a collection of 5” recessed lights might be expensive, though. You’re likely to need more recessed lights per meter if you stick with a 5-inch option. 

5-Inch vs 6-Inch Recessed Lights: For Dark Areas

Different factors determine whether a 5-inch or 6-inch can light is ideal for illuminating dark spaces. The most common factors are your bulb’s wattage, can housing, lumens per watt rating, and trim depth. 

5-inch can lights usually have smaller housings that limit their ability to brighten up very dark spaces. In most cases, you might need more 5” recessed lights to illuminate a dark area.

6” recessed lights are more efficient at lighting up dark spaces and requires fewer bulbs. The deeper, better spread housing makes illumination easy across areas with poor lighting. 

5-Inch vs 6-Inch Recessed Lights: Cost

The cost of 5 or 6 inch recessed lights largely depends on branding, count per pack, and accessories included. Several 5 and 6 inch recessed lights have the same price tag; however, popular brands could cost more. 

Also, some recessed lights are available in 2, 4, 6, 12, or 24-pack options. In most cases, packs with more lights cost less per unit. The inclusion of extra housing, cutout rims and other accessories determine how much a 5 or 6 inch can light costs.  

5-Inch vs 6-Inch Recessed Lights: Heavy-Duty Lighting

Heavy-duty lighting refers to the proper illumination of larger spaces with fewer bulbs in total. In simpler terms, it means fewer bulbs being able to light up a larger area with ease.

6-inch recessed lights are commonly preferred for lighting up more with less based on their overall design and efficiency. 

5-inch recessed lights are used less for such needs, especially in areas where multiple bulbs are required. 

However, the increased spread of 6-inch recessed lights are available for people with 5” can housings. Most 5-inch can lights have “5/6” ratings, meaning they can accept five or six-inch recessed bulbs. 

Designs on some recessed lights might also make them ideal for outdoor lighting too. Protective housings and extensions on  on outdoor spaces could provide ample lighting 

5-Inch vs 6-Inch Recessed Lights: Energy Saving 

5-inch recessed lights usually have an IC housing rating of at most 75W. The energy saving potential of your preferred recessed lights largely depends on its overall rating. 

6-inch can lights might be rated up to 150W and provide better spread lighting but lower energy saving per KWh. 

Best 5-Inch Recessed Lights

Amico 5” Recessed Light

The Amico 5” recessed light supports an ultra-slim LED panel designed to give out more light while using less space. It also features a junction box in each set and variable light temperature capacity.

Users can set their recessed lights to provide 3000 – 5000K temperature lighting for their environment. The set also works with 6” housings since it features a 5/6” rating. 

Sunco Lighting 5” Recessed Light

The Retrofit design of this recessed light means it can accommodate 5” and 6” LED fixtures with ease. It also features a flush baffle trim to guarantee sleek installation. 

It features a dimmable construction and supports up to 5000K color temperature lighting for just $30 (4 per pack).

Best 6-Inch Recessed Lights

Ensenior 6” LED Recessed Light

Variable color temperature is easy to guarantee for your indoor lighting needs with this set. You can be sure of 3000 – 5000K color temperature lights with this set along with an easy-control junction box. 

A 12-pack set of this 6” recessed light is available for $125 at Amazon. 

BBOUNDER 6” LED Recessed Light 

The 12-pack recessed light comes with an impressive LED bulb capable of emitting 5000K lights. Such a high light temperature makes this set an ideal fit for lighting up large areas with less fixtures. 

It also features a sleek baffle trim for smooth installation and dimmable lights for unrivaled control lease. One 12-pack set of this recessed down-light sells for $73 at Amazon.