9 Ft Vs 10 Ft Ceilings

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Updated on June 5, 2022

In building a house, it is crucial to include the height of the ceiling. Adequate ceiling height gives better air circulation, is more aesthetically appealing, and is brighter due to the natural light entering. Over the years, the standard ceiling height has changed. Right now, the considered standard ceiling height is 9 feet. However, you can go beyond the industry standard, which means you can go with 10 feet high.

The height of the ceiling depends on the need. For example, when the space is wider, it is better to use a 10ft height ceiling. If the space is smaller, it is better to use a 9ft ceiling. The size or width of a room has a huge impact on the overall outcome of the house. Using a high ceiling for the smaller spaces can give a negative “spacious feel” effect, just like the elevator shaft. Thus, before you decide which ceiling height you would use, a 9ft or 10ft, consider the space and width of the room.

Which ceiling is suitable for residential homes between 9ft ceilings vs. 10ft ceilings?

9ft is the standard ceiling height for residential homes

You can use both 9ft and 10 ft in your home. But it depends on where you are placing it. As the 10 ft ceiling makes the house look more spacious, better put it in entryways, stairways, living rooms, or master’s bedroom. Remember that larger rooms require higher ceilings.

Smaller spaces can use 9ft as the standard ceiling height for residential homes. If you want your room to look more spacious without a 10ft ceiling, you can use larger doors, windows, and openings to create a more spacious room illusion, just like a 10ft ceiling room. You should also consider your construction budget. Higher ceilings require extra expense, such as longer studs, more exterior sheathing material, more house wrap, taller windows, bigger moldings, taller doors, taller cabinets, built-ins, etc.

Which ceiling height is preferred by customers?

A 9ft ceiling is preferred when building residential homes.

The customer’s preference between 9ft and 10 ft high ceilings depends on what they are building. For most customers who construct residential units, 9ft is their choice because it is standard and often does not require a special layout. While the 10 ft high ceiling is very uncommon in residential houses. Often, a higher ceiling is for larger homes or establishments, such as retail stores, boutiques, or restaurants. These structures really require a higher ceiling for the consumer’s convenience.

Customer’s feedback about 10ft and 9ft Ceiling?

Many customers want a 10 ft ceiling but still choose 9ft ceiling

Many customers want a 10 ft ceiling height. In fact, many who have experienced a 10ft ceiling height do not want to go back to the standard size of 9 ft. Let’s face it, 10 ft. ceiling adds to the beauty of the house and to its luxurious look. But if you ask the majority, they still consider the standard height of 9 ft. apart from the fact that it is also good, you don’t have to spend extra.

How do I know the ideal ceiling height for my home between 10ft and 9ft?

There are a few things to consider when deciding on the height of your ceiling. 

  1. The size of a room-The larger the room, the higher the required ceiling. 
  2. Construction cost– higher ceiling will require additional cost. 
  3. House design– use a 10ft ceiling for a more luxurious and historic look. For a cozier look, use 9ft. 
  4. The function of the room– check if it is necessary to raise the roof above 9ft. to avoid wasted spaces. The kitchen will likely not require a higher ceiling because of the built-in cabinets. 

10ft vs. 9ft Ceiling Height: Which is Better?

A better ceiling height depends on customer’s needs.

When comparing what is better between 9ft or 10ft, many things are at stake apart from how it looks. Consider the size of the house, the construction cost, zoning rules of the area, and the client’s need. Some would agree that 10ft is better than 9ft. In fact, according to the study, high ceilings affect our brains, giving us a psychological sense of freedom. Realtors often use this as a selling point to a prospective buyer. However, a better ceiling is way beyond the aesthetic look of a house. 

Note that extra height requires an additional cost. Thus, a 10ft ceiling is more costly than a 9ft ceiling. Also, a 10 ft ceiling is not advisable all the time. You must consider the function of a room. For example, you don’t need to put a 10 ft ceiling in the kitchen because you will probably be putting build-in cabinetry that you can only reach. It makes no sense to use extra feet because it’s not needed. Both 9ft and 10ft have benefits, 10 ft for aesthetic look and more airy ambiance, and 9ft as more economical and functional.