Bath mat soaking wet after washing

By Mohammad Alam Written by Mohammad Alam
Updated on June 23, 2022

When searching for a new bath mat, it is important to consider how difficult it will be to clean and dry it. Washing bath mats can become tough and time-consuming because these mats do not dry easily.

If you need an answer to the question of how to fast dry a soaking wet bath mat, your options are to either let it air dry, toss it into the dryer, or utilize the towel dry method. Whether it is made of, memory foam, polyester, cotton, bamboo, microfiber, or rubber, the material that the bath mat is made of will, of course, determine the method that you decide to use. There are some types of bath mat materials that should never be washed in a washing machine.

Where To Hang Bath Mat To Dry

The following are some of the things that can be done to hasten the drying process of any form of bath mat:

Either use a fan on the ceiling to generate airflow or hang it outside to dry. When drying your mats, you should try to do so in as much direct sunlight as possible because this is the most effective approach to maintaining your mats free of bacteria and germs.

You can hang your wet bath mat in front of the air conditioning to dry it out. However, this is not something that is typically suggested. You can also apply hot air from a hair dryer to your bath mat in order to get it dry.

Mats crafted from wood are normally towel dried. To dry the wooden mats, just rub them with your hands or wrap them in a towel to absorb any remaining moisture.

How To Spin A Bath Mat in the Washing Machine

When washing bath mats the drum in your washing machine usually has difficulty spinning. Because the bath mat is soaked in water it gets too heavy for the machine to spin it around. Because that is such a large and hefty load, it will prevent the washer drum from reaching its maximum speed when it comes time for the final spin of the washing cycle. 

These difficulties can regularly ruin and damage washing machines. So, to answer how to spin a bath mat in your washing machine is to not wash them in your home machine at all. Go to a coin store and wash your mats there because those machines are heavy-duty and capable of washing and drying anything substantial as a bath mat.

How To Fix “Bath Mat Won’t Spin In The Washing Machine”

When you first encounter that your bath mat is soaking wet after washing and the drum is not spinning, you can call an appliance expert to come and have a look at your washing machine. But there are some easy fixes to issues that are pretty common to frequent washing machine users.

1. Reallocate the laundry load

One of the most prevalent reasons for an incomplete spin cycle is a load of laundry that is not evenly distributed. It is possible for items of clothes to accumulate on one side of the drum of the washing machine, which can disrupt the motion of the machine. If you think there may be an issue with distribution, you should try to separate the clumped-up wet clothes and put them through the spin cycle once more.

2. Fix an uneven washer

Your washer won’t spin effectively if it is placed unevenly on its pedestal. Look for additional indications of an unlevel machine, such as excessive noise and vibration while the laundry is being done, and if they support your suspicion, adjust each individual leg.

3. Verify the power supply

Although it might seem obvious, make sure the washer is connected. A re-plug might get you back in business if the plug came out of the outlet due to a mid-cycle bump or shake.

These are some of the easy fixes for your machine not spinning correctly and you got a soaking wet laundry load that you are stuck with. 

How To Wash Bath Mats In Front Loader

The majority of front-loading washers have spacious spin baskets that can hold large blankets and bath mats. Customers may believe that these washers can handle any size or weight of bulky, heavy things as a result. The issue is that because bathroom mats soak up so much water, they weigh a lot more than the washer can support.

The rubberized backing on bathroom mats frequently falls off during the washing process. The little rubber fragments then jam the drain pump’s motor and drain line, causing it to stop working. The drain motor needs to be changed frequently. Heavy bathroom mats and the strong centripetal force produced by the spin cycle cause the most damage to the rear bearing, which supports the spin basket.

Use the strong, powerful machines in a coin laundry to wash your bath mat. Alternatively, if you continue washing bulky objects, be ready to replace your washer every two to three years.