Best Place to Buy Exterior Doors

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Updated on August 20, 2023

A house cannot be completed without a main entrance or door. Not only does it serve as the main entrance to the house, but it also provides insulation and serves as a temperature barrier for the occupants. That is why we must know where to buy an exterior door that is reliable and long-lasting. Continue reading to find the best place to buy exterior doors.

Around the world, there are manufacturers and sellers of exterior doors. But where exactly can we buy the right exterior doors for our homes? There are several trusted exterior door manufacturers that we can find across the world, such as Jen-Weld, Therma-Tru, Simpson Door Company, Weiland, Masonite, and many more.

Where can I buy a reliable and energy-efficient front door?

With a changing climate, household energy consumption often also increases. Door manufacturers have come up with a solution through energy-efficient or insulated exterior doors. This door gives a tighter seal to retain the temperature inside the house when your heater/AC is on. Thus, homeowners will save on electrical bills.

Vinyl and fiberglass doors are exterior doors that provide good thermal insulation. Not only do they retain the temperature inside the house, but they also block external heat or cold air from entering the house. Here are some of the best places where you can buy energy-efficient doors:

Buy in any ENERGY STAR-certified door manufacturer  

Look for the Energy Star Certified door. This certificate is given to doors that help every household save energy while protecting the environment. 

Buy from top exterior door manufacturers

JELD-Wen, Masonite, and Therma-Tru are the top manufacturers of energy-efficient doors. They usually have a wide selection of energy-efficient doors, from trendy authentic wood and fiberglass to steel design options.

Home Depot 

They provide a wide selection of energy-efficient doors, free design, and help in the purchase and installation of doors. You can call their hotline number at 1-833-432-7766. 

Where to buy exterior doors for residential homes?

If you’re looking for the best place to buy exterior doors for your home, check out the following:

Home Depot 

Home Depot operates more than 2,300 stores across the US, offering a wide selection of residential exterior doors. You can walk-in in any nearby store and proceed to their Doors & Windows Department. You can also buy online if you cannot visit physically. 

Houzz-recommended companies

You can also buy from Houzz-recommended companies that received a good rating, such as BGW Doors, Verona Home Design, and Creative Entryways.

Top door manufacturers

You can also buy beautiful types of exterior doors from well-known suppliers such as JELD-WEN, Simpson Door, Therma-Tru, and Masonite. Just go to their website and place an order.

Door installation companies

You can also buy directly from door installation companies, such as Mr. Handyman, DH Pace, One Day Doors & Closets, and Lowe’s. You can contact their office to get a free consultation and quotation about the door that best suits your needs.

Best place to buy exterior doors for commercial spaces

DH place

DH Place is one of the most trusted in commercial space when it comes to exterior door installation since 1926. Their priority is the safety, security, and convenience of commercial buildings. They manufacture automatic door systems, commercial sectional doors, electronic security gate systems, and many more. You can call their phone number at 316-944-3667.

BOSCH Access Control Systems

One of the largest companies that provide security to commercial buildings, they have access control solutions, motion detection, facial recognition, and GIS mapping solution. They use innovative software and hardware to suit different needs.

HID Door Entry System

HID provides best-in-class access control and authentication solution to every business. They are using a proximity card that uses RFID-embedded technology to access the facility.

Can I buy exterior doors online?

Yes, you can buy exterior doors online

Absolutely! You can buy an exterior door online. Especially in today’s era, almost everyone uses e-commerce technology in buying and selling products. Even physical stores already have their online platform where you can choose and order the exterior door you want, just like Home Depot and even large door manufacturers.

They also usually provide free consultations and quotations to assist their potential customers. It is also easier to buy because it can be delivered to your location.

Where can I buy an exterior door without the frame?

Usually, the entry door package includes a door panel, door frame, jamb, and more. But what if you just need a door without its frame? You can buy a door without a frame or the so-called door slab. You can buy a new slab door in stores, hand-built by a carpenter, or salvaged from antique stores.

Here are some of the places where you can buy a slab door:


2. Amazon

3. Wayfair

4. United Porte

5. The Home Depot

Keep in mind that buying its slab door has its cons because it is not pre-hung, which is easier to install. You need to make sure it is the right size and fits your frame.