Best Place to Buy Garage Door

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Updated on August 13, 2023

It is common for people today to have a car or two. As a result, the availability of a garage has become a necessity. Apart from protecting our vehicles from precipitation, it also serves as protection against theft and vandalism. That is why it is crucial to have a reliable locking garage door to ensure the safety of our vehicles. Read on to find the best place to buy garage door for your needs.

People need to know where to get a reliable and durable garage door. You can get a lot of good garage doors in several places. You can buy in trusted home depots or door manufacturers, or ask your carpenter to make a customized garage door.

Where is the best place to buy a garage door online?

More and more people are obsessed with online shopping because it is also easier to shop for the item you want while you are sitting comfortably in your home. Almost everything is already in the e-commerce industry, even garage doors. Because of this, you can easily choose the garage door you want without having to go to the physical store. They also usually have customer service that can assist if you have questions about your preferences. Here are some of the great places to shop online for garage doors:

Doors On-Line

Doors On-Line is one of the best online stores that offer commercial garage doors and roll-up garage doors. They sell US-made sectional doors by Amarr Garage Doors and coiling roll-up doors by US Door and Janus International. They got 3.8-star rating on Birdeye and a 3.33 rating from Better Business Bureau and were accredited with A+.

To coordinate with their customer service, you can call their toll-free number (800) 745-1682 or 937-526-3727 if you are from outside the US, Mon.-Fri. 10 AM – 6 PM (Eastern Time). They also provide comprehensive comparison chat and downloadable brochures to make It easier for you.

Garage Door Supply House

They are using an interactive door builder technology that helps customers customize garage doors, price all of their options, and receive a quote from them. You can reach their customer service at 1-(877)-870-DOOR (3667).

Precision Garage Door Service

Precision Garage Door Service began servicing the Pittsburgh & the Western PA Area over two decades ago, delivering high-standard garage doors. They specialize in garage door installation, repair, and replacement. They received a 4.5 rating from Yelp. Customers commend their installer’s professionalism and excellent service. You can request a quote on their website and receive a response within 2 hours.

Steel City Garage Doors

Steel City Garage Doors started operating over six decades ago. Currently, online shopping is now available from them. They boast a 100% response rate for quotation requests. They are rated 4.5 on Yelp.

Advanced Door LLC

This company is rated 4.8 stars in Angi (an American home services website owned by Angi Inc.) Advanced Door LLC was launched in 1990. Aside from excellent garage door services, they offer Emergency Services, residential, commercial, new construction, and retrofit job.

Top Garage Door Brands

Not only is it crucial to know the best place to buy a garage door, but we also need to know what brands are most trusted by the public. These are some of the top garage door brands that are reliable in quality and durability:


An American favorite garage door rated 4.5-star. They are the only publicly-traded company among all the garage door manufacturers in the US.

Chi Overhead Door

It is one of the most recommended for new garage door installation. Chi is well-known for the Accent Series and the excellent quality of its overlay doors.

Hormann Garage Door

This 4.250-rating brand provides innovative residential and commercial garage doors in the US. They focus on durability, sustainability, and style.

Wayne Dalton Garage Doors

Wayne Dalton is a 4-star rated brand that uses door-building software to help customers choose the door style that will fit their home design.

Pella Homes Garage Doors

They received a 3.8- star rating from Consumer Affairs. They offer Heavy-duty, high-quality, durable garage doors constructed with skilled craftsmanship.

Where can I buy the most affordable garage doors?

The Home Depot garage doors starts from $388

The Home Depot is one of the best places to find an affordable, ready-to-ship garage door. They carry a wide selection of garage doors that are affordable, including custom garage doors, classic garage doors, insulated garage doors, and more. The Home Depot garage doors start from $388.

What is the best-selling type of garage door?

Steel Garage Door is the best-selling garage door

The most favored garage doors are Steel Garage Doors. Generally, it is more affordable, durable, and requires less maintenance.  Additionally, steel garage doors are easy to customize. According to The Home Depot online store, the best-selling doors are classic garage doors from Clopay.

What type of garage door should I buy?

Choosing a garage door for your home depends on several things. To find out what type of garage door you will buy, find out if it fits your budget and needs. Consult with legit garage door installers or get a quote to find out how much it will cost and if it will fit in your home. Lastly, find the best place to buy garage door.