Bilstein 5100 Settings

By Kathrina Jane Tiangco Written by Kathrina Jane Tiangco
Updated on August 6, 2023

Lifted automobiles exert higher pressure on a suspension absorber’s damping capacity due to their bigger tires and elevated stance. The monotube construction and proprietary digressive valving of the B8 5100 make it particularly suited to meet such objectives. The right Bilstein 5100 settings can help you travel comfortably and safely.

A BILSTEIN B8 5100 suspension system immediately adapts to shifting road conditions on or off the highway, loaded or unloaded, to provide a stable, regulated, and pleasant ride. In the 5100s, the performance was the same regardless of the setting. It’s a widespread fallacy that the ride alters because the springs need to be pre-compressed more until the coil-over is installed. The spring distance would be the exact thing at all settings when the vehicle’s weight is on the springs.

You can determine where your riding elevation should be based on the weight you’ll be hauling on the front axle and in the cab of your truck, whether temporarily or permanently. Every 200 lbs in the bed will reduce your height by .5″ or less. You put it through its paces with water weight increases. Position 5 gives you a 2-inch raise in the front. Because 285/75-16 tires are nearly 2 inches higher than standard, they’ll add another inch to your ride height.

There is one more thing. The 5100s may be installed securely without the use of spring clamps or compressors by relying on the weight of the vehicle sitting on jack stands.

How do you adjust the height on a Bilstein 5100?

Simply peel the split band off. The instructions that arrived with the shock are simple to follow. The spring perch, which holds the spring, can be inserted upside down and afterward pop out when the pressure is released. When installing your 5100s, notice that if you don’t verify which direction the perch goes back to protect the snap band, you may easily install it incorrectly.

Instead of pulling the snap ring off, raise one part of the ring and place it in the next gap, then move the ring up over to the next groove entirely. Repeat until you’re on the proper groove. It’ll be simple once you get going, but it’ll prevent you from breaking the wire.

How do you adjust the shocks?

The movable 5100 facades come with a ring that sits in a slot in the shock. Then there’s your perch, which sits on top of it. On the pinnacle of that, spring is squeezed. After altering the height setting, you’ll need to totally remove the shock and reassemble everything. The 5100 range shocks and 5100 series seat adjustable height struts are part of the Bilstein 5100 line. A strut, unlike a shock, may modify the ride height. A 5100 series peak will be longer than factory shock absorbers, up to 6 inches in certain situations, to fit a vehicle that has already been elevated.

The Bilstein 5100 shocks are really a fantastic option. and it’s less costly than the alternatives. They are far superior to spacers, which interfere with the suspension system. The shocks, even without the customizable kit and required firmer springs, are highly recommended. It will ride the same regardless of which Bilstein 5100 height settings it is set to. You will not need new coils because Bilstein engineered the 5100 to be utilized with factory coils. However, the original coils will slump and the force weight will be greater. 

How much lift do you get from Bilstein 5100?

Specifications of the Bilstein B8 5100 Ride Height Adjustable: Shock shell snap band grooves give up to 2.75′′ of the front axle lift (based on application). Bilstein B8 5100 insulators are designed to fit lifted trucks and SUVs directly. The monotube construction of these suspension systems ensures constant, fade-free operation.

The shock absorbers of B8 5100 include a digressive cylinder that adjusts to shifting road conditions. To avoid full pressure destruction to the shock, you may need to lower the pressure bump stop. Note they are considerably prolonged than the A014. Remember to always pay attention to Bilstein 5100 adjustable shocks settings for the best results.  The majority of the folks running these are using their bump stop to reduce movement while adding a lot of droop.

Can you adjust them after they are installed?

The customizable 5100 fronts get a ring that sits in a slot in the shock. Then there’s your perch, which sits at the top of all that. On top of that, spring is squeezed. After altering the height setting, you’ll have to totally remove the shock and reassemble everything. The compressor tool is potentially hazardous. If you don’t want to separate the top hat, place a gap above it.

Is Bilstein 5100 a specific part?

The Bilstein 5100 is the solution when you’re doing anything other than a standard commute using your daily driving, like offroading, fire routes, or transporting equipment. For the past decade, the 5100 range has dominated the market offroad category of weekend adventurers and offroad enthusiasts. Bilstein describes its Bilstein 5100 zinc-coated monotube shock as being better suited to lifted pickups, heavier-than-stock cars, trucks or Jeeps with bigger tires and wheels, and practically anything not stock.