Bondo Alternative

By Dan Catapang Written by Dan Catapang
Updated on August 15, 2023

Bondo is a popular material in the craftsmanship of props and costumes. What’s great about Bondo is that it can help to make a costume piece more solid and durable. Impressively, Bondo features a toothpaste-like consistency at first, making it easy to use. Until it sets very hard, there’s a chance to make the props and costumes better. You can turn to a Bondo alternative if you prefer something else. 

While there are good things about Bondo, some instances suggest that it is not the best choice for making props and costumes. That’s why there are popular suggestions about the Bondo alternative. To be precise, Bondo is insufficient for some projects, and it does not have the ideal form to create nice and polished costumes. 

Bondo Alternative

Surely, there’s no need to risk the quality of props and costumes with Bondo, where there are available alternatives offering better work quality. Have a look at the best Bondo alternatives below. Also, learn why each alternative is the best choice. 

Why is Smooth Cast 320 a good Bondo alternative?

Smooth Cast 320 is a good alternative to Bondo when the prop or costume needs to harden some stuff for solid reinforcing it. More specifically, it is better to primarily structure a prop and costume, not smoothing them. Besides that, Smooth Cast 320 features a tough, durable, and paintable structure.

When it comes to using Smooth Cast 320, it is convenient since it is easy to mix and pour. For that reason, there is no need to hesitate in choosing it over Bondo for prop and costume work that needs solid structure and crafting. 

Top reasons why Durham’s Water Putty is an ideal bondo substitute?

Durham’s Water Putty is an ideal Bondo substitute when it comes to crafting props and costumes that need great bonding strength. In addition, it offers enough time for the user to mold it accordingly in every prop and costume. That way, the outcome will be more satisfying. 

Bondo Alternative - Durham’s Water Putty

Moreover, Durham’s Water Putty can be made into interesting colors, depending on how much water is added to it. As a matter of fact, it can actually look white. When it hardens like soap, it can be perfect for carving, shaving, and cutting. 

What’s great about Durham’s Water Putty is that it is uncomplicated to do some craft testing with it, especially since it doesn’t cost much more than Bondo and its other alternatives. 

Why is Epoxy Putty better than Bondo?

Epoxy Putty is better than Bondo since it is the lighter one. When it is mixed, it can have the same consistency as Bondo. Aside from that, Epoxy is better when it comes to its smell. Although it comes with a foul odor, it is much milder compared to Bondo. In addition, Epoxy does not smell toxic.

Moreover, Epoxy features excellent adhesive properties. With that in mind, it is most suitable for making plastic armor costumes. With its impressive adhesive properties, Epoxy is more flexible than Bondo. 

What makes Worbla an ideal Bondo equivalent?

While Bondo boasts impressive sturdiness, Worbla is best for its flexibility. In addition, Worbla is best partnered with foam or alone. What makes Worbla ideal than Bondo is it makes the prop or costume more durable. As a matter of fact, props or costumes made with Worbla will bounce back when accidentally dropped on the floor. Those made from Bondo will more likely get cracks. 

How good is JB Weld as a Bondo alternative?

JB Weld is a great medium for props and costumes since it comes with a strong form. In fact, it is extremely effective in handling harsh environments when crafting props and costumes. 

Bondo Alternative - JB Weld

Regarding its consistency, it can be soft in a few hours. However, it is hard to smoothen jobs. That’s why mixing it thoroughly for molding is crucial. What makes JB Weld a good Bondo alternative is that it offers better flexibility.