Bosch Dishwasher Half Load

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Updated on June 19, 2022

Regular cleaning of dishes and utensils is crucial to the health of the family. But sometimes it is tedious to do especially with large families or with busy people. That is why Bosch has become a partner of every family in terms of dishwashing.

Bosch is an award-winning brand and ENERGY STAR certified dishwasher model that aims to minimize energy and water consumption while ensuring safe and clean utensils. The addition of the half-load feature in Bosch Dishwasher is used for small and lightly soiled kitchen utensils that fill approximately half of the dishwasher’s capacity. This is used when you cannot fill a full load wash on your regular day.

What is the half load option on the Bosch dishwasher?

Bosch Dishwasher lessen the water consumption from a regular cycle by 2.7 gallons per cycle

Normal dishwashing consumes up to five gallons of water and 1,800 watts of electricity in an hour full load cycle. However, not in all cases that we have to wash a lot of plates, especially if you are living alone or have a smaller family. Imagine consuming 5 gallons of water for just a couple of utensils. It is just a waste of water and electricity to run a full load cycle for a couple of plates. Because of this, Bosch devised a solution through the half load function. The half-load function of the Bosch Dishwasher aims to reduce the water consumption from a regular cycle by 2.7 gallons per cycle. Thus, saving more money.

How does the dishwasher half load work?

A diverter valve ceases the water flow to either top or bottom basket.

Dishwashers usually have top and bottom baskets in which dishes are laid out. It has spray arms under the baskets that spray powerful jets of water onto the dishes. When half-load is activated, a diverter valve ceases the water flow to the spray jets in either the top or bottom half of the dishwasher, leaving one area to complete the dishwashing cycle.

How to use the half load option of Bosch Dishwasher?

The proper way to use the half-load feature depends on the make and model of the dishwasher. Dishes can be placed in the lower basket or the upper basket depending on the instruction of the model you will be using. To use the half-load function BOSCH, here is the correct procedure:

Step 1: Scrape food remnants from the dishes. 

Before laying the dishes in the dishwasher basket, scrape off all large food particles to avoid clogging the dishwasher filter. You do not need to rinse it with water but you have to make sure large food particles are removed.

Step2: Lay the dishes on the dishwashing baskets.

You start putting your dishes onto the racks, either on top or bottom rack and BOSCH will take care of it. Make sure the dishes are face down to clean thoroughly with the spray jets under the racks. Give enough space of each utensil so that water jets can reach all sides of the dishes.

Step3: Press the 1/2 button.

Select the half-load function and wait until the cycle is done.

Remember that before loading your Bosch dishwasher, secure all plastics and light dishes to avoid flipping them over due to the water pressure from the jet. Make sure to lay the dishes upside-down and avoid stacking, giving enough space for the water to clean them thoroughly. Check your user manual for more detailed instruction on how to load each type of utensil on your Bosch dishwasher.

How to turn off the half load option of Bosch Dishwasher?

Deselect the ½ button to turn off the Bosch Dishwasher half-load option

For an instance you have more plates to wash because of an occasion or banquet in your house, and you need a full load this time. The Bosch Dishwasher half-load option is easy to use. Just press the 1/2 button to select/deselect the feature, and it will function automatically and stop automatically.

How much water does Bosch half-load use?

Approximately 2.7 gallons of water is consumed for every half-load cycle.

Normal dishwashing consumes up to five gallons of water. While Bosch Dishwasher’s half-load option only takes up to 2.7 gallons per cycle. The time is also reduced compared to the normal cycle which usually consumes 1800 watts of electricity. Thus, using this feature for smaller and less soiled dishes will save your time, energy, and money.

Does the Bosch dishwasher use less water for half load?

Bosch Dishwasher’s half-load option uses less water than the normal cycle

Absolutely! Yes, Bosch Dishwasher’s half-load option uses less water than the normal cycle. That is actually the purpose of the addition of this feature: to save water, energy, time, and money. Because not all the time you have a lot of plates to wash, especially when you are living alone or have a smaller family.