Cambria Torquay vs Swanbridge

By Mohammad Alam Written by Mohammad Alam
Updated on June 9, 2022

Due to the usefulness of countertops, it has become very popular. Now people even choose countertop design before selecting the cabinetry for their kitchen. And you would be surprised to know there are many kinds of countertops. But, if you are looking for a stylish, budget-friendly, and durable kitchen countertop, you can consider choosing Cambria Torquay or Swanbridge. 

Nothing to get confused about between these two as they both look quite similar. But there are some unique and subtle differences between them. To clear your confusion, here are some interesting facts that you should know before making the right choice for your kitchen interior design.

Cambria Torquay vs Swanbridge: The Colour Difference?

Cambria Torquay creates a very stylish and posh appearance as it looks like a classic creamy, soft white shade marble with a combination of subtle gray pecks. It’s very popular among interior designers for its versatile appealing look. 

On the other hand, Swanebridge is a very muted light grayish color with charcoal patterns and it gives an aesthetic cooler appearance. Swanbridge’s charcoal patterns present a soothing eye-catching complexion.

From the perspective of color combination, both Torquay and Swanbridge look elegant. But Torquay is brighter than Swanbridge.  As Torquay is brighter, it’ll create a warmer look. On the other hand, Swanebridge will create an eye-soothing calm environment.

Cambria Torquay vs Swanbridge: Cabinetry?

Most interior designers and consumers love Torquay as it’s versatile and easy to personalize. According to interior designers, white cabinets are consumers’ first preference with Torquay. But almost all cabinet colors including white and dark ones look gorgeous with Torquay and create a fusion look of traditional and rustic. 

Some interior designers mentioned Swanbridge as the king due to its unparalleled beauty. Swanbridge also goes with any kind of interior design. It can be paired with black and white cabinets for a sophisticated look. Brown wood, oak, and gray cabinets can be also paired with Swanbridge to establish a continental appearance.

However, to create an instant classic and stylish look both Cambria Torquay and Swanbridge are unparalleled with their veining running. So, one can choose any of these according to personal choice and customize the interior design look accordingly.

Cambria Torquay vs Swanbridge: The Price difference?

The average price for Torquay Cambria and Swanbridge countertops costs $100 to $150 per square foot including installation. Though this price can fluctuate depending on how many slabs are needed for your kitchen, their prices are almost the same.

Where do the Cambria Torquay and Swanbridge countertops look best?

Cambria Torquay and Swanbridge countertops are mostly used in kitchens. However, they can be used for various purposes. For a royal look, one can use these countertops on walls, floors, tubs, fireplaces, closets, bathrooms, laundry rooms, pantries, offices, and even for many purposes. As these countertops enhance the beauty and help to generate a posh look, these are very popular among interior designers. And they use it for different motives to fulfill the client’s demand.

Cambria Torquay vs Swanbridge: Different Designs

As Cambria Torquay and Swanbridge offer a versatile design, both can be used with customization interior designing factors.

By pairing a countertop with different colors, cabinetry, hardware, decor, plants, and other interior designing elements one can style the kitchen according to personal preference from coastal to classic and contemporary.

Cambria Torquay vs Swanbridge: Durability Difference?

Cambria Torquay is durable but sudden force and or rapid change of temperature can cause damage. So, the direct and rapid increase of heat should be avoided while using this, and take some precautions such as using strong trivets, heat pads, etc. Apart from this, one should use a cutting board as stone may react differently to the sudden use of a sharp object.

Swanbridge Cambria countertop is scratch-resistant and maintenance-free and its durability is long. One can use Swanbridge without worrying about any kind of loss. It’s said that Swanbridge is more durable than granite. So, if you are looking for a strong surface then Swanbridge countertops should be your first choice.

Both Cambria Torquay and Swanbridge are made of quartz stone but they aren’t chemical proof. Therefore, some special precautions should be taken while cleaning them. Such as not using any strong corrosive or erosive chemicals for cleaning. In general, avoiding products that can cause potential damage, will help you to increase the durability of the surface.

Which one is better between Cambria Torquay vs Swanbridge countertops? 

Considering all the facts, especially durability, Cambria Swanbridge is more appealing than Cambria Torquay. But look wise one can choose Cambria Torquay for its creamy elegant look. If precautions are taken and countertops are maintained well, Torquay could be a wise choice. However, the rest depends on what facts most matter to you. So, choose the countertops wisely that suit your lifestyle.