Carrara Marble Sealer

Marble has been known as a luxury building material for your countertops. Marble adds beauty to your kitchen. When you think of marble, the first thing that would come into your mind is a white with a slight grey-bluish tint Carrara marbles. It is exceptionally durable, the least expensive natural countertops, and more readily available. It is a beautiful and classic choice for bathroom and countertops.

Marbles are a thing of beauty. However, marbles are porous and have high-maintenance surfaces. Thus, you must seal marbles frequently to keep them protected from spills and moisture leaking through, which could damage the quality of the marble. Therefore, it is crucial to know which sealer is best to keep your marble countertops pristine for decades.

What kind of sealer should I use on Carrara marble?

Carrara marble is delicate and porous. Thus, a quality sealer is needed to maintain its quality. It is paramount to look for the right kind of sealer to use on your marble countertops. Choose impermeable sealers that have low or no Volatile Organic Compounds, which are harmful to marbles.  A good sealer must be non-staining, heat-resistant, and acid-resistant like Premium Silicone Sealer, water-based impregnating sealer, or Stain-Proof Permanent Marble and Granite Sealer. There are several brands in the market that you can choose from, such as DuPont, Miracle Sealants, MB Stone Care, etc.

What are the best brands of Carrara marble sealer?

Choosing the right brand of marble sealer is crucial to the longevity and quality of your marble furniture. Here are some of the best marble sealer brands that received positive reviews from customers across the world. 

Miracle Sealant Impregnator Sealer

Miracle Sealant is an oil and water-resistant sealant recommended by Carrara Italia. It is easy to use with its “pour and wipe” application. It also offers one of the widest coverages with up to 1 000 square feet. 

Tuff Duck marble sealer 

This has also received so many positive reviews from its customers. It has no acidic component, making it safe for use and gentle with marbles. 

Tenax Granite Marble Sealer

This is a mineral-based impregnating sealer suitable for all stone products. It easily dries up and becomes completely invisible after the application. 

StoneTech BulletProof

This brand is thorough and fills all pores effectively, even the most difficult to reach. It is long-lasting and offers air-tight marble protection for up to five years.

Granite Gold Sealer

This brand offers an easy application with its spray-and-wipe mechanism to protect your marbles. It is 100% free of any toxic chemicals and water-based sealer. 

Black Diamond Stonework Sealer

It is a two-in-one cleaner sealer with mild to no odor, safe to breathe, and has no dangerous components. It is a 100% biodegradable cleaner that is safe for daily use. 

Dry-Treat Intensifia

This is a premium sealer brand that provides a combination of enhancer and sealer to your marbles. It ensures deep penetration and color enhancement. It can be used indoors or outdoors and protects against UV light. It is recommended for residential and commercial buildings.

MORE Surface Care

This brand has advanced formula features suitable for all-natural stone surfaces, including but not limited to marbles, granite, slate, and limestone. It is dual-purpose that can protect against stains and bacteria with its extra built-in protection. It is easy to apply and can last long.

Where can I buy a cheap Carrara marble sealer?

Buy cheap Carrara marble sealer at Home Depot, Amazon, or marble sealer store near you

You can buy Carrara marble sealer at any Home Depot or at any online marketplace, like Amazon. You can get a Carrara marble sealer for as low as $20. You can also check the store of the brand you are looking for or go to their website to shop online.

Is there a permanent marble sealer?

Yes, a permanent marble sealer is available for your Carrara marble furniture.

Cutting-edge innovation in the marble sealant market is readily available to provide premium protection against all water and oil-based stains on marble’s porous surfaces. By the nanotechnology and specially engineered silane polymer molecules, it can penetrate deeply into the marble, giving complete coverage and protection.

However, it is essential to manage your expectation. This permanent sealer cannot prevent stains because no sealer can protect against chemical etching by acidic compounds. Therefore, it is still imperative to avoid using harmful cleaning products that contain high hydrogen peroxide (pH 4), low vinegar (pH 3), or citrus (lemon-orange pH 2-4).

How much does a Carrara marble sealer usually cost?

Carrara marble sealer can cost from $19 to $1800

The price of a marble sealer depends on its quality, coverage, and compound used by the manufacturer. Usually, it ranges from $19 to $1800, depending on the brand. The premium brands are definitely more expensive with their reputation and quality, like Black Diamond Stoneworks. There are quality marble sealer brands in the market with less than a thousand dollars that can give adequate coverage, such as Tenax, Miracle Sealant, Aquamix, etc.