Castrol Syntorq

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Updated on July 25, 2023

Castrol is a large British oil company and a BP plc subsidiary company that provides high-performance engine oil, lubricants, greases, and fluids for any type of vehicle. One of their well-known products includes Syntorq.

Castrol Syntorq is a gear oil developed along with The NV4500 transmission to work with its carbon-fiber synchronizers. However, in the year 2014, Castrol ceased to produce Castrol Syntorq. Since then, it has not been available in any branch of GM or Dodge. What’s even more frustrating is that Castrol has no recommended replacement for Syntorq. Instead, they suggested car owners to contact their car dealers and seek an alternative that will suit their car models.

Is Castrol Syntorq still available in the market?

Castrol Syntorq ceased to produce Castrol Syntorq since 2014

Castrol Syntorq synthetic 75W-90 GL-4 manual transmission fluid is the trusted gear oil in heavy-duty 5-speed manual transmission vehicles, such as trucks and SUVs from Toyota, Ford, Jeep, General Motors, and Dodge. These vehicles use the NV4500 transmission developed with Castrol Syntorq. Castrol Syntorq is the only recommended gear oil to be used to maintain carbon-fiber synchronizers. It allows the smooth engagement of gears, quicker and more precise gear shifting, and prolongs the life of the synchro sleeve and gear engagement teeth. In 2014, Castrol stopped manufacturing Syntorq, to the dismay of car owners. Castrol did not make an official statement about this but advised car owners to go to their dealer to get advice on what can be used as an alternative for Santorq oil.

Where can I buy Castrol Syntorq?

Castrol Syntorq is no longer available in any store

When Syntorq was still available in the market, it could be purchased from car dealer stores such as GM and Dodge. You can also buy it at automotive or general merchandising stores across the United States. But, since it’s no longer available, you won’t find anything in these stores because Castrol has stopped producing it since 2014.

How much does Castrol Syntorq cost?

Since it is no longer available in the market, no price can be published for the Castrol Syntorq synthetic 75W-90 GL-4 manual transmission fluid. But at the time it was available, it cost around 22 US Dollars per Quart gallon.

Do GM or Dodge dealerships still have Castrol Syntorq?

No, GM and Doge has no Castrol Syntorq available

General Motors Company and Dodge are the world’s largest motor-vehicle manufacturers. It will be recalled that Castrol Syntorq is available in their stores. They themselves have also recommended this product for vehicles using NV4500 transmission. But because Castrol stopped producing this gear oil, it is also no longer available in any branch of their stores.

Castrol Syntorq Alternatives

The loss of Castrol Syntorq synthetic 75W-90 GL-4 manual transmission fluid in the market has caused frustrations among car owners and car dealers. Because many of their units can only use Syntorq due to the sensitive carbon-fiber synchronizers of the transmission system. And since it is no longer on the market, car owners are forced to look for alternatives. Here are some of the possible alternatives to Castrol Syntorq that are fully compatible with the carbon fiber synchro rings of NV4500 transmission:

GM 12346191

As Syntorq disappeared in the market, GM innovated its own brand to support NV4500 engines, especially since it is highly sensitive to its fluid type GM has recommended using Genuine GM Transmission oil (PN 12346191). It is a Synthetic Manual Transmission Fluid, 75W-90 GL-4, that meets the demanding need of an NV4500 engine. You can buy it from GM Parts Direct through their website at a very reasonable price.

MOPAR 4637579

Mopar, a FIAT Chrysler Automobiles motor parts division, has released its own brand suitable for the NV4500 engine truck of FCA. The Mopar SAE 75W-90 Synthetic Gear & Axle Lubricant is available in 1 Quart bottle for $12.00 in several automotive shops and on eBay.

Amsoil 75W-90 Manual Transmission Fluid

A motor oil company giant Amsoil has produced a high-quality type of transmission fluid that can be a substitute for Castrol Syntorq. This is Amsoil 75W-90 Manual Transmission Fluid that can be purchased at any Amsoil retailer store or online stores, such as Amazon or eBay.

Red Line 57905 75W90 Fully Synthetic GL-5 Gear Oil

A Phillips 66 Spectrum Corporation, Red Line Synthetic Oil Corporation has produced its 75W90 Fully Synthetic GL-5 Gear Oil suitable for heavy-duty engines, passenger cars, light trucks, and racing vehicles. Use this as a replacement with caution because it has an additional friction modifier, suitable only for clutch-type limited-slip differentials such as API GL-5, GL-6, MT-1, MIL-L-2105E, SAE J2360, and Chrysler spec MS-9763.

Valvoline FlexFill Full Synthetic SAE 75W-90 Gear Oil

A leading worldwide supplier of premium branded automotive products, Valvoline Inc, has produced a great replacement for Castrol Sytorq which is Valvoline FlexFill Full Synthetic SAE 75W-90 Gear Oil. It is formulated for ultimate protection and performance that are suitable for extreme weather conditions. It provides thermal stability and engine longevity.