Catalina 22 Trailer

By Kathrina Jane Tiangco Written by Kathrina Jane Tiangco
Updated on August 12, 2023

The Catalina 22 is a trailerable sailboat created by Frank V. Butler and originally constructed in 1969 in the United States. It is one of the most commonly available vessels in its range of sizes, enjoying unprecedented mainstream success. Many owners build a Catalina 22 trailer according to their preference in order to travel with the sailboat. 

The Catalina 22 seems to be a modest luxury keelboat featuring a teak wood finish that is mostly made of fiberglass. You can find two sloop rigs on the mast, a vertical transom, a raked stem, a wide, self-bailing cabin with under-seat compartments, and a permanent fin keel with a tiller-controlled transom-hung steer. For the jib sheets, it features two winches. A jib, a 150 percent genoa, and a spinnaker are among the sails.

Catalina 22 Trailer Specs

In 1969, US-based Catalina Yachts launched Catalina 22. The sailboat features a total length of 21.50 feet (6.6 meters) and a baseline length of 19.33 feet (5.9 meters). It weighs 2,490 pounds (1,129 kg) and features a ballast capacity of 800 pounds (363 kg). With its swing keel lowered and the keel retracted, the vessel comes with a reach of 5.00 feet (1.52 m), as well as 1.67 ft (0.51 m). In the 1970s, its manufacturer built a variant with a solid keel. The PHRF competition means the handicap for the permanent keel form of the boat is 270, with a peak of 280 and a minimum of 243. The hull velocities of both boats are 5.89 knots (10.91 km/h).

The boat’s amenities include a front “V” bed with a security drape and a starboard berth with just an alternative head. A dining table and a sculpted fiberglass stove that folds away beneath the cabin space make up the main interior area. An extending hatch on the foredeck allows for ventilation. For more headroom, you can install a “pop-top” on the companionway entrance.

How tall is a Catalina 22 on a trailer?

The Catalina 22 reaches approximately 5.00 feet (1.52 m) and 1.67 ft (1.52 m) with the swing keel dropped and raised (0.51 m).

How much does a Catalina 22 and trailer weigh?

The Catalina 22 weight is just around 2,500 pounds and can be carried by a trailer. Despite the fact that such a MacGregor 26-foot catamaran is the longest of the trailing boats, it weighs just 2,250 pounds.

Vessels such as the Starcraft Fishmaster, a 16.5-foot ski boat that weighs 900 lbs with a trailer, or perhaps something like a Bayliner Capri Bowrider, with a 17-foot ski boat that is 1,200 pounds with just a trailer, are even more common. Most sedans and several full-size automobiles can pull up to 2,000 pounds or even 3,500 pounds (with a towing option), which is more than the weight of Catalina 22 with trailer.

However, don’t take trailering lightly because a mistake can cost you a lot of money. Before hooking up and destroying the boat and automobile, it’s critical to receive answers regarding a few essential issues. It’s not the size of a vehicle that determines how much it can pull, but rather how it’s manufactured.

Automakers examine the power, engine, braking capability, chassis, and structure when determining hauling limitations (unibody or chassis). It’s important to note, nevertheless, if the vehicle can draw the stated weight on its own or only with the help of a towing package.

How do you trailer a sailboat mast?

When you’re trailering your boat, you’ll want to make sure it’s fastened to the trailer for understandable reasons. You must also tie the mast to the boat and trailer so that it does not become a projectile in the event of an abrupt halt.

Two lines secure the boat’s aft end to the trailer. When trailering, the lines become tight and will release a little. They don’t need to be too tight because their job is to protect the boat from slipping off the trailer when both the trailer pulley and the boat’s stern eye’s safety wire fail. Furthermore, the stern lines prevent the boat from jumping up or out of the trailer’s bottom. Read the full tutorial here.

How many people can be on a Catalina 22?

It all depends on the conditions like the weather and the status of the water, as well as what you want to accomplish. If you can manage it and you don’t travel too far from the coast, it shouldn’t be an issue to put six people on board. When you’re still tethered to the pier and water seeps into the cockpit via the drain holes, it’s a solid indicator that there are too many passengers aboard.