Conestoga Cabinets Review

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Updated on June 28, 2022

Conestoga cabinets first went on sale over three decades ago and are still in demand today. Customers purchase these cabinets for several uses, and different models are available to choose from. 

Customers leave generally favorable reviews about Conestoga products online. Most of these reviews provide details on the quality, construction, and longevity of Conestoga cabinets. 

Conestoga Wood Specialties designs these cabinets and other furniture pieces. But it might be quite difficult for some users to select such products without enough information from first-hand users. 

That’s why this post details how customers feel about using Conestoga cabinets in their kitchens and other places. Taking cues from this article makes selecting the cabinets perfect for your needs easier than ever!

What are Conestoga Cabinets?

Fast lead times is a common benefit most users point to after placing orders for Conestoga cabinets. Some customers say Conestoga was consistent with their 21 – 30 day lead time after placing an order. 

Even some reviews posted after the COVID-19 lockdown show that Conestoga cabinets still offer quick delivery. Customers also point out the wood options available as a major benefit of purchasing Conestoga cabinets. 

Conestoga cabinets are available in Walnut, Maple, & White/Red Oak and these three options can last long and withstand lots of stress. Besides, customers say they can place orders for cabinets and request different wood types than walnut or oak. 

Do Conestoga Cabinets Have Any Major Design Flaws?

Most customer reviews on Conestoga cabinets say that these compartments have no design flaws. All cabinets from Conestoga come in the right dimensions, fitting, and with correct accessories. 

Are Conestoga Cabinets Hard to Maintain?

Many customers say that Conestoga cabinets are not difficult to maintain. Satisfied customer reviews show that these cabinets require little maintenance to retain their form for several years. 

What are the Most Common Issues People Experience with Conestoga Cabinets?

Paint crackling over time is a common issue among users of Conestoga cabinets. Many reviews after purchases say that these cabinets begin to develop crackles over its paint liner after a few years. 

However, some customers say that repainting these cabinets after long-term solves the problem. Many users recommend spray painting with the right lacquer for best results.  

Another common complaint is the high potential of these cabinets to retain moisture after some time. Customers who live in areas with high humidity are more likely to experience this problem.

Is It Easy to Checkout Conestoga Cabinets?

Conestoga cabinets are easy to checkout after purchase according to several customer reviews. Customers who purchase these cabinets from Conestoga Wood Specialties usually get faster lead times third-party retailers can’t offer. 

The turn-around time of Conestoga cabinets is usually faster with smaller orders. Bulk orders might take 2 to 3 times longer to fulfil, even if customers place orders at Conestoga Wood Specialties.

Is Conestoga Cabinets Customer Service Helpful?

According to several customer reviews, Conestoga Wood Specialties offers professional aftersales service to buyers. Buyers who contacted the company’s customer service before purchase also say they got useful assistance. 

Are Conestoga RTA Cabinets Strong?

Conestoga ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets are assembled with standard dimensions and strong wood pieces. Wood boxes from Conestoga undergo proper finishing like dovetail sanding and gap filling. 

Several customer reviews say that Conestoga cabinets offer strong, square compartments for most indoor spaces. Even boaters prefer Conestoga RTA cabinets for their vessels and leave positive reviews online. 

Are Conestoga Cabinet Replacements Strong?

Customer reviews show that Conestoga replacement cabinets are as strong as original orders. Some of the most positive reviews say Conestoga replacement cabinets come with a snug fitting and installs easily.

Do Conestoga Cabinets Often Ship with Missing Items?

Buyers of Conestoga cabinets say most orders come with all items shipped and in good condition. However, very few reviews show that some Conestoga cabinet orders might ship without one or two vital components. 

Conestoga Wood Specialties advises customers to identify and report any missing item on their orders within two weeks. People who buy Conestoga cabinets from the company’s store usually have a longer replacement window. 

Third-party stores that sell Conestoga products usually recommend reports from customers to come in within 10 days. Customers who fail to report any missing or damaged parts in their order from such stores must purchase a replacement. 

Do Conestoga Cabinets Last Long?

Tons of positive customer reviews say Conestoga cabinets can last very long even after several years of regular use. Conestoga cabinets are designed from different types of wood tested for strength and longevity.

An overwhelming number of customer reviews say that Conestoga cabinets are still in top shape after 5 – 10 years.