Duralast Strut Review

By Kathrina Jane Tiangco Written by Kathrina Jane Tiangco
Updated on March 24, 2022

To reestablish OE air suspension, Duralast loaded struts are developed with application-specific shocks. Duralast builds these parts utilizing high-quality materials for improved handling, comfort, and they’re put through rigorous testing to ensure that your restorations don’t fail. Duralast has over 800 application-specific components that cover 98 percent of cars on the road, so no matter what vehicle you’re operating on, they can assist you get it back on course. True effective response coil springs return automobiles to their original ride height. For a faster and safer installation, we offer a comprehensive line of fully constructed loaded struts. Endurance testing is done under difficult conditions to guarantee that the product performs well and lasts a long time.

The issue with Duralast “something” is that you have no way of knowing who created it. Gabriel, Monroe, or someone else might be the culprit. It’s difficult to know exactly what you’re getting. This is done on purpose to offer Autozone more influence on price and expenses, as well as to avoid direct comparison sites with other retailers (who also happen to do the same exact thing with its personal private label product). Because most components are sold under private brands, price match assurances are almost useless.

Duralast Strut Review: Assembly

Duralast components are manufactured to exacting standards by reputable manufacturers who use high-quality components, cutting-edge methods, and well-designed, long-lasting components. These implementation struts return cars to OE functionality with very minimal consolidation in the component line. The coil spring, MacPherson strut, and strut mount are all pre-assembled in the Loaded Struts, which also accelerates the setup process and makes the service center more efficient. Each one is built with OE-grade parts to ensure maximum operation and return the vehicle to its original ride height. For additional durability, each Loaded Strut includes stronger bolts and torture-tested supporting plates.

Since a Duralast Loaded Struts are pre-assembled, the task may be completed in a better, more efficient manner, allowing the client to return to the road sooner. Rather than making the consumer wait for the additional time required for you to construct the strut, you may attach this as soon as the user has consented to the task. Not only will a client be pleased with the reduced wait time, but it will also help the technician to get even more labor in and out of the bays, increasing your bottom line.

Duralast Strut Pros and Cons


  • Everything in the Duralast name surpasses the original equipment manufacturer’s (OE) or comparable component specifications. 
  • Reliable. Safe.  Durable. These are all terms that consumers want to hear regarding their car repair, so it’s only natural that, as a skilled installer, you’d be installing components that fit each of these descriptions—especially when it relates to a suspension component. Duralast loaded struts are designed to accomplish precisely that.


  • The accessibility and coverage of loaded struts remain their biggest drawbacks. 
  • Installation is simple but the ride isn’t as smooth as desired.
  • The strut may break off before it could be tightened, which wasn’t reasonable for its price.
  • Overall OK, but not identical to OEM.

Duralast Strut Price Range and Quality

Duralast Loaded Struts are now being built with urethane latex bumpers to absorb hard, destructive road pressure and disturbance, providing a better, quieter ride. The struts’ strengthened brackets as well as torture-tested supporting plates allow them to withstand even the harshest traffic conditions, which may be sold to clients who live in places with very brutal winters or operate in particularly difficult terrain. Duralast Loaded Struts not only are proven to be robust, but they’re also affordable to match with the effort and time of bare strut repair, so you can guarantee your clients a professional service.

Price ranges:

  • Duralast LoadedStrut LS53-91611L – $217.99
  • Duralast Loaded Strut Assembly LS53-90071R – $165.99
  • Duralast Loaded Strut Assembly LS34-84971R – $139.99

Duralast Strut vs. Other Brands

If you’re looking for top struts and shocks for your truck or car which are guaranteed to last a long time, look no further than Monroe or Duralast. The biggest distinction is that Monroe makes slightly better struts and shocks than Duralast according to customer reviews, but the difference isn’t significant.

Monroe struts are usually a little less expensive than Duralast struts, though the difference isn’t huge. Monroe struts cost between $120-$180 while Duralast price range as shown above is $140-$217. Because both manufacturers make high-quality shock absorber components, you must stick with whatever company is best for your ride, regardless of price.

Are Duralast struts worth it?

So far, customer reviews for duralast struts are fairly limited with most asserting that it is comparable with most struts you can find on the market. Duralast struts manufacturer, however are saying it’s worth it because it works closely with manufacturers to oversee all aspects of quality assurance and production. Components firms can assure low-cost, high-effective automobile parts by vetting all parts once they depart the line. Pre- and post-shipment examinations, as well as random and yearly testing, are all part of the screening process.