Dynamic Friction Rotors Review

By Kathrina Jane Tiangco Written by Kathrina Jane Tiangco
Updated on March 24, 2022

DFC is a well-known and award-winning producer of vehicle braking systems. DFC has a large inventory of brake components for all international and domestic transportation applications dating back to 1930. DFC Performance Brake Rotors made of Carbon Alloy  are designed for optimal performance, dependability, and longevity. Drilled and grooved rotors get extra bite from the brake pads, reducing stopping distance, particularly in rainy conditions. The temperature that builds up on the rotor will be reduced by the drilled holes. The rotor’s grooves remove braking and road debris while also preventing pad glazing.

DFC is now available at Rockauto as well as a few local electronics distributors. The parts are much less expensive than the Centric 105/320 range. On the Prius, They recently added DFC’s 5000 type ceramic plates and Geospec 604 class rotors. The rotors were finished to look like Bosch Quietcast rotors. The rotors were painted well and the runout was within specification. The pads were comfortable to wear and stopped nicely without making any noise straight out of the package. It’s been several hundred miles because the pads were fitted, and they’re still performing just like the OE pads.

Dynamic Friction Rotors: Material and Quality

The castings are shipped to their cutting-edge machining facility, in which each rotor is finished to the strictest tolerances currently achievable. They can ensure a disc diameter variation (DTV) of.010mm as well as a maximum lateral lineout of.050mm. Though they typically achieve. 007mm DTV and.025mm maximum displacement runout in practice. The rotors are then perfectly alright to a peak RMS of 1.6. The goal of these tight tolerances is to achieve the finest finish possible, which enhances early break-in by increasing contact between the rotor and the pad.

Once all of the manufacturing procedures are done, each rotor goes through a 100 percent electronic service center that checks over 20 qualities to guarantee that it satisfies OE standards. This ensures that every rotor provided to you is free of defects. These rotors, when used with their implementation of DFC brake pads, deliver the greatest braking performance available straight out of the box, unmatched to anything else in the industry.

Pros and Cons of Dynamic Friction Rotors


  • Drilled rotors are indeed an outstanding product if you live in a region with a lot of rain. 
  • They operate well in rainy regions by providing an excellent “wet bite,” last a long time, and provide greater friction as well as bite than notched equivalents. 
  • These brake rotors have a greater bite because the perforated holes allow moisture to pass, drying up the braking entire system when moisture is available. 
  • When there’s less water on the brake rotor, it bites better and performs better.


  • While drilled rotors get a lot to offer, owing to the temperature and heat extremes of a race, they might wear erratically and develop fractures when utilized in racing vehicles. 
  • Borehole brake rotors typically wear in radial grooved designs, which might seem odd over time if the hole patterns aren’t spaced. While this has no effect on the brake rotors’ function, it can damage the vehicle’s appearance, and delicate drivers may opt to choose a different model of disc brake or replace their rotors more frequently.

Dynamic Friction Rotors: Size and Vehicle Compatibility

If you’re searching for OE performance and replacement rotors, you’ve come to the right spot. You’re in good hands with the Dynamic Friction Company. For optimal longevity and stability, DFC’s OE aftermarket rotors are built of carbon composite metallurgy or superior G3000/G11H18 iron castings. They’re CNC manufactured to the industry’s strictest tolerances and mill balanced to assure minimal vibration and better armor piercing rounds at any pace. DFC’s performance rotors are the same way. These rotors, which come in slotted and drilled designs, increase braking performance while also giving your car a sportier, more aggressive look. Some choices come with a Geospec treatment for better corrosion resistance and extended rotor life.

Dynamic Friction Rotors Lifespan and Warranty

DFC maintains a large inventory of braking system parts, giving clients a wide range of alternatives. DFC provides the right match material for any vehicle requirements, if you really need new disc brakes for the passenger car or commercial vehicle, a brake system for your European automobile, or substitute brake rotors with your high-performance automobile. DFC brake components are made from high-quality materials to provide long-term stability, durability, and strength. It also undergoes the most rigorous field and laboratory testing to verify its dependability and long-term performance. You can start shopping since most DFC brake materials come with a 12-month as well as 12,000-mile limited guarantee.

Are Dynamic Friction Rotors worth buying?

The manufacturers of Dynamic Friction Rotors work carefully, making sure they come up with the best product. Their rotors are definitely worth buying. In addition to excellent reviews, the progress of OEM technology every year is always looking for new methods to give its clients a competitive advantage and long-term benefit.

Its in-house experts and R&D personnel work closely with customers to understand better business demands and build long-lasting, cost-effective methods for resolving issue areas. During the research and manufacturing processes, the business uses only cutting-edge devices and systems to make sure that all products that leave the production line convey safety, sustained OE quality, and highest achieving in any driving situation.