Flexsteel vs. Ashley Furniture

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Updated on June 10, 2022

Luxury furniture is mostly out of reach for many as one unit from some brands could cost thousands of dollars. That’s why many buyers keen on quality furniture search for products 

Flexsteel and Ashely Furniture are two of the most popular, mid-range furniture brands in America. Both furniture makers have a wide range of similarities and differences in their overall design and added features.

Choosing products between these brands could be challenging, especially for buyers that don’t have vital information. 

That’s why this article compares several elements between Flexsteel vs. Ashley Furniture products. Relying on the information in this article makes informed buying decisions easy to make. 

Flexsteel vs. Ashley Furniture: Price


Price tags on Flexsteel products range from $700 to $3000+. The size, quality, and customization options on a Flexsteel furniture piece usually determines its price. 

Ashley Furniture

Products from Ashley Furniture are priced from $100/unit and might rise to $3000+/unit depending on your purchase. The price range of Ashley Furniture makes it one of the most popular brands for furniture buyers on a budget. 

Flexsteel vs. Ashley Furniture: Product Range


The Flexsteel brand produces and sells couches, tables, chairs, mattresses, bedroom furniture, and accessories. 

Ashley Furniture

Products from Ashley range from mattresses, sofas, tables, chairs, and much more. 

Flexsteel vs. Ashley Furniture: Design Features

Both brands rely on smart technologies to build several designs across their product range.


The Flexsteel brand of sofas and related furniture relies on its signature Blue Steel™ Technology. Currently, this technology relies on an expandable ribbon of steel to retain users across weights. 

With this feature, homeowners can expect rigid support for long-lasting use of furniture from their sofas and poufs. Flexsteel also provides ample support for different design requirements with cutting-edge styles with this technology.

In addition, Flexsteel supports Zero Gravity™ technology for its recliner collection to support optimal posturing. The technology allows users reduce stress and tension while getting improved comfort while relaxing. 

Ashley Furniture

The entire range of Ashley Furniture products are designed to suit different use cases with ease. All sections of kitchen, living room and storage furniture are designed with the comfort of consumers at the forefront.  

Flexsteel vs. Ashley Furniture: Customization Options

Different customization options allows homeowners achieve the exact effect they desire from furniture on their home. Both brands offer multiple customization options to boost your interior décor choices.


Custom color, size, design, and accessories options are available for buyers of Flexsteel furniture. 

Ashley Furniture

Size and color options are available from Ashley Furniture. However, fewer customization options are available to Ashley Furniture customers. 

Flexsteel vs. Ashley Furniture: Product Quality


The Flexsteel brand builds its furniture range with state-of-the-art technologies patented to improve comfort and ease of use. Several products from this brand feature one or more advanced features along with eye-catching, ergonomic designs. 

Ashley Furniture

Products from Ashley Furniture feature cutting-edge designs built to satisfy different consumer needs. Their entire product range adopts smart technology and decent materials throughout production. 

Flexsteel vs. Ashley Furniture: Warranty/Special Offers


Warranties from Flexsteel range from 12 months to a lifetime period. Lifetime warranties on Flexsteel products usually accompany orders of greater value. 

Special limited lifetime warranty offers also come with certain fixture on Flexsteel products. Buyers can get limited lifetime warranties can accompany wood frames, metal bases, seat cushions, reclining devices, and feathers. 

Ashley Furniture

Buyers of Ashley Furniture can get from 1 – 10 years warranty on different products. Mattresses, sofa sets, and other high-value purchases usually come with a longer warranty period. 

Ashley Furniture also supports several special discounts for buyers that could rise to 65% based on your purchase. The delivery method(s) you select at checkout might also determine how many special offers you get. 

Flexsteel vs. Ashley Furniture: Delivery Options


The Flexsteel brand largely relies on retailers to sell its products to consumers. Your delivery options will depend on what your retailer supports after a purchase. 

Ashley Furniture

Five (5) delivery methods are available from Ashley Furniture after on-site purchases. You can decide to receive your furniture through standard, warehouse, doorstep, no-hassle + assembly, and curbside delivery. 

All delivery methods have different shipping periods and follow different patterns. Doorstep, no hassle + assembly, and standard delivery are the three most comfortable methods to receive orders from Ashley Furniture.

Flexsteel vs. Ashley Furniture: Shipping, Refund, Cancellation Policy


Shipping days on Flexsteel range from 1 – 30 days across several retailers. However, options might vary widely depending on the retailer you choose while placing your orders. 

Ashley Furniture

Orders from Ashley Furniture take between 1 – 30 days to complete their shipping cycle. The number of days it takes to complete a shipping order from Ashley Furniture depends on your preferred delivery method. 

Ashley Furniture also supports a refund policy; however, its window differs depending on your delivery method. 

A return/refund policy for Ashley Furniture ranges between 72 hours – 30 days. Buyers must contact Ashley Furniture within the period that applies to their delivery method to validate a return or refund.