Four Seasons Furniture Reviews

By Dianne Catapang Written by Dianne Catapang
Updated on June 23, 2022

The family room is a great part of a home. That’s why it can be impressive to style it with different furniture, including a sofa, chair, and ottoman. Since season changes, it is a great and money-saver solution to cover those pieces of furniture with a slipcover for protection. It is probably a mess not to take advantage of a slipcover. Not only that, every slipcover provides a special look and vibe. 

Four seasons furniture is one of the brands that offer different furniture and slipcover. Many customers shared that the store provides the most comfortable furniture with sturdy and heavy construction. Additionally, they shared in their review that the fabrics look and feel expensive. On the flip side, others complain Four seasons furniture only has disappointing products and horrible customer service. 

four seasons furniture reviews

In this article, we will go over the relevant reviews and comments directly from the customers to help you figure out your stand regarding this brand.

The customer overall ratings for four seasons furniture

Based on Google reviews and ratings, the Four seasons furniture left a disappointing impression. Although there are some excellent ratings, they are outshined by the dismaying and discouraging comments. That said, it is not a surprise that the overall rating is low and not good — 2.9 star ratings, to be specific.

Customer’s general impression of the quality of products

Even though Four seasons furniture received overall disappointing ratings, the reason is not about their products. In fact, most of the complaints revolved around unresponsive customer service and delays in the delivery. As for the quality of products, many customers shared that their ordered products sport sturdy and heavy construction. At the same time, the sofas and chairs are comfortable and last long. 

Summary of online comments that four seasons furniture has received from customers

Truth to be told, most of the online comments about the Four seasons furniture can be found on Google Reviews. Many of the customers agreed that the store has to improve its customer service. The bad customer service is justified with the 1-star rating. 

Another top complaint is about long-time waiting for their orders. Based on the comments, customers seem to imply that the store is bad at handling orders, which makes many of their buyers wait a long time for their orders. 

But in some of the comments, customers who have already tried the Four seasons furniture service shared that they are pleased with the products they received and even wished to order again. The furniture is said to have great construction, and the slipcover fabric is comfortable and relaxing. 

four seasons furniture reviews

Customers who left positive reviews undeniably loved their experience with the Four seasons furniture store. 

The common drawbacks in buying at four seasons furniture

The following drawbacks make many double-think about buying from Four seasons furniture: 

Disappointing unresponsive customer service

In Google reviews, many customers complain that Four seasons furniture has disappointing unresponsive customer service. Also, most of them felt that the store is not passionate and interested about meeting their needs. They experienced frustrating slow resolution of their issues, and the overall communication is really poor. Asking for replacement products seemed forever in waiting. 

Late arrival of orders

Four seasons furniture is not good at handling orders. That’s why a huge percentage of criticisms about the store is the late arrival of orders. At the longest, it takes many months for the furniture to arrive that many hated yet tolerated. Truly disappointing and a hassle issue on the part of customers. 

Poor craftsmanship

Many customers visit the Four seasons furniture showroom, which convinced them to buy from the store. However, most felt disappointed with what they received. They said the furniture they received was far from the comfortable one they had tried. Basically, what they received was furniture made from poor craftsmanship. 

In particular, one customer experienced trouble with their cushions that were limp and would not hold their shape. Another past buyer shared that the furniture frame squeaks loudly, and the fabric had quickly faded and torn in just a short time. Many customers who experienced bad will probably agree that the store’s craftsmanship is horrible. 

Easily damaged items

There are some easily damaged items that customers felt disappointed in. Many customers blamed the problem on poor craftsmanship and quality.


four seasons furniture reviews

Is the four seasons furniture store worth recommending?

Based on the online reviews alone, the Four seasons furniture store is not worth recommending because of outstanding flaws starting from the customer service to the quality of the product. However, the complaints are just part of the insight about the store — a huge percentage of the past buyers did not share their reviews about the store, after all. That’s why many customers still think the store is worth recommending and even want to buy again!

If you get started connecting with the Four seasons furniture store in a wonderful experience, you can be less hesitant to buy from them.