Gas Stoves That Do Not Require Electricity

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Updated on May 28, 2022

New gas stoves require a live electricity connection to start a fire. However, most of these new model stoves will be unusable for people who need to cook off the grid. 

Off-grid cooking is easier with gas stoves that do not require electricity. Homesteaders, campers, and other people who need to cook far from areas with electricity have several non-electric stoves to choose from. 

Selecting the stove best suited to your needs requires access to information and several top-quality brands. That’s why this guide provides details on the best gas stoves that don’t need electricity to work. 

Cooking meals outdoors with gas stoves doesn’t get any easier than this for sure!

Best Manual Ignition Gas Stoves under $200

Koblenz PSK–200

The Koblenz dual burner gas stove is designed with an impressive porcelain top covering to boost its appearance in every kitchen. It also comes with a manual ignition system designed to help you start a fire with relative ease. 

It doesn’t come with a hose and regulator, but has a 12 month warranty against defects for its $35 price tag. 

LZL Portable Butane Gas Stove

With an average 15,000 BTU capacity, the LZL provides easier support for all kinds of outdoor cooking. Its overall design provides cooking ease for hikers, homesteaders, and people engaged in other types of outdoor activity. 

It features a piezoelectric ignition system designed to make automatic ignition systems of little importance outdoors. You don’t need any connection to a power source to get your portable stove up and running in seconds. 

Best Manual Ignition Gas Stoves over $200

Nexus NX-8000

The Nexus NX-8000 features four (4) gas burners that run non-electric ignition besides its two (2) electric hotplates. Homesteads can rely on the massive features of this gas stove and oven for comfortable cooking without electricity. 

A fitted pipe at the rear of this cooker provides ample support for easy removal and fixing of gas pipes. Its simple operating potential and sleek design makes this gas stove and oven combo an ideal choice for homesteads. 

Loblich Gas Cooktop 30”

The Loblich 30” cooktop features a unique, hybrid design that supports electric and manual ignition systems. You can conveniently use this stovetop indoors or outdoors depending on your cooking needs. 

It features tough grates designed to promote stability no matter where you need your meals prepared. 

It’s a great fit for outdoor cooking where you can find a fitting base for it due to its massive size. However, its features promote easier cooking wherever you can get access to a gas cylinder and a stable base. 

Best Single-Burner Non-Electric Ignition Gas Stoves

AnEssOil Stainless Steel LPG Gas Stove

The non-electric ignition stove features a durable Al-Mg alloy shell designed for optimal air passage and balanced gas use. It also features a sturdy, high-grade stainless steel panel designed to protect against corrosion, excess heat, and hot oil stains. 

Besides having a manual ignition system, this stove supports a thermocouple flame out designed to promote safety while cooking. 


The gas stove has a 4KW fire rating and features a durable steel panel designed to resist intense heat. It also comes with a manual ignition mode designed to make outdoor cooking more comfortable. 

Best 2-Burner Non-Electric Ignition Gas Stoves

Camp Chef Explorer 2-Burner Stove 

The Camp Chef Explorer 2-Burner Stove is an LPG (propane gas), alloy steel unit with two elevated burners. It comes with a set of sturdy, detachable steel legs designed for easy positioning in outdoor and indoor spaces. 

Users of this stove can expect up to 30,000 BTUs capacity from each burner. Fitted temperature controls in this stove makes it easy to set up, even for first-time users. 

A 3ft. hose and regulator comes shipped with each package and one unit sells for around $130. 

GR Camper 2-Burner LPG Stove

Buying the GR Camper gives you access to two (2) burners, a sink, tempered glass tops and lots more. It’s a perfect fit for boating, caravans, RVs, homesteading, camping, and other outdoor activities. 

You can comfortably set this LPG stove on a stable base and wash utensils while cooking your favorite meals with ease. 

Best 3-Burner Non-Electric Ignition Gas Stoves

Sunflame PRIDE GT 3-Burner Manual Ignition Gas Stove

A toughened glass surface on this stove gives it an immediate elegant look that’s a perfect fit for all kitchens. It also comes with a coated metal base designed to maintain its balance in outdoor or indoor kitchens.

The Sunflame PRIDE also comes with high-powered brass burners, an ergonomic control system and easy maintenance potential. The manual ignition gas stove is designed to make cooking easy for people with no immediate access to electricity. 

Elica 3-Burner Stainless Steel Manual Ignition Gas Stove

Fuel efficiency is a major plus to the overall feature sheet of this burner. Users can easily gain heat control with the simple knob system adopted for this stove. 

It also comes with an innovative joint-less design built to ease the burners’ maintenance. Its design also adds lots of elegance to its appearance, making it a sleek option for different uses.