Graber Window Treatment Reviews

By Mohammad Alam Written by Mohammad Alam
Updated on August 4, 2023

Nowadays, everyone is conscious of home interior design and getting window treatment for it isn’t something new. Below, we will provide you with several Graber window treatment reviews to help guide you in your next home project. There are numerous companies that provide window treatment in order to achieve customized windows that go with your lifestyle.

However, are you thinking of getting window treatment from Graber? Before making any decision, you must be curious to know from the consumer’s experience whether it’s worth getting service from Graber or not. Here’s a summary of Graber custom window treatment reviews from the consumer’s insight.

graber window treatment reviews

Do people find Graber window treatments expensive?

Most of the consumers who took treatment from Graber found it comparatively less expensive than other companies. Again, Graber uses FedEx for their delivery purposes. Customers find Graber window treatments affordable. Compared to other brands, Graber offers lower market rates because they sell their products directly to customers. On the other hand, other brands go through third parties, which raises their prices.

Are people generally happy with their Graber window treatment?

Most of the customers of Graber aren’t happy with the product and service of it and they don’t recommend it as the window coverer becomes dirty and damaged easily. In fact, the shutter blinds of Graber smell awful when the sun beats on them. For long-time usage, users don’t recommend Graber window treatment. 

Why did people choose to get window treatments from Graber?

Though the product and service of Graber aren’t satisfactory, most people chose it for its affordable price and availability in the market. But after getting the service, they mostly regretted that Graber failed to fulfill their demand.

Common drawbacks in buying Graber window treatments 

According to most users, Graber isn’t durable, and sometimes it fails to protect your window from sun rays, resulting in a poor experience. Also, if you compare the designs, other companies offer more fancy designs and provide better service. 

Do customers generally prefer Norman or Hunter Douglas over Graber window treatment? Why or Why not?

Though, according to sellers, the quality of Hunter Douglas and Graber is almost the same, Hunter Douglas customers seem more satisfied with the service but they found the price high. Hunter Douglas is indeed more expensive than the other companies but users find it worthy of its price.

Hunter Douglas vs Graber

Out of 10 Hunter Douglas users, 7 seem to recommend Hunter Douglas for its flexibility and service. According to some users, Hunter Douglas’s quality isn’t that good but their customer service is somewhat good as they resolved the customer’s issue. But others felt, there is a lot of room for improvement. 

One of the customers who used both Hunter Douglas and Graber stated, “Graber’s connectors are made of metal and Hunter Douglas’s connectors are made of plastic. So, over time Hunter Douglas connectors are breaking off. We replaced the broken ones before but this time it’s become hard to replace them”.

Some people prefer Hunter Douglas as it’s more choices and now they are using modern technologies to upgrade the products. On the other hand, interior designers also suggest Hunter Douglas for the superior light rise. They feel Graber’s mechanism is less reliable and functional.

From the above discussion, maybe you are thinking of getting your window treatment from Graber. But there are negative reviews of Graber’s too. One of the customers stated, “If price isn’t your concern, you should definitely go for Hunter Douglas over Graber”. On the contrary, some customers think that Graber’s comes with good warranty and they always stand behind their product.

Norman vs Graber

Now let’s move to Norman, another popular brand recommended by customers. Users find Norman offers the best warranty, along with excellent customer service. Not only that, Norman is way cheaper than Hunter Douglas and it is quality too. Customers reported that Norman’s faux wood blinds don’t come with gaps in the blades that fit the cord, preventing extra light from coming through. They also find the performance good enough.

In fact, one consumer stated that for quality and durability, Norman is the best at an affordable price. If you compare Norman with Hunter Douglas, the latter is slightly of better quality. But, you won’t be disappointed if you choose Norman. 

Blinds from Hunter Douglas cost anything from $20 to $36 per square foot and start at $300 for a standard-sized window. Graber begins at about $140 and can cost anywhere from $15 to $20 per square foot, depending on the size of the windows. The price of Norman begins at about $180 and goes up from there.

Summary: Graber window treatment reviews

There are other brands than Graber that provide value-for-money window treatments and you can look for them, too. At the end of the day, the call is always yours, whether you want to get window treatment from Graber or any other company. Be sure to check out our reviews of Graber custom window treatments to find the best one for you. We wish you a happy window treatment!