Hanssem Cabinets Reviews

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Updated on May 24, 2022

Hanssem is a manufacturer of fine kitchen and bath cabinetry for the U.S. building and remodeling markets, based in Edison, New Jersey. They have been in the market for 30 years and have established a good reputation in manufacturing a vast collection of state-of-the-art cabinets for the most American household.

Every kitchen needs a cabinet. Thus, checking reviews from the previous customers would help others get a clear idea of the product before buying it. From the cabinet’s external appearance to its functionality, it is paramount to know the pros and cons of the product before deciding on your purchase. Many customers said that Hanssen is priced reasonably for a good quality cabinet. The quality of their products speaks for itself, having Hanssen trusted by many for over three decades. That could mean that most of their customers are satisfied with their products.

Hanssem Cabinets Specifications and Features review

Wood quality  

A lot of feedback about Hanssem wood quality is good since they are using hardwood, plywoods, medium density fiberboards, and thick wood veneer, which can withstand scratching and denting. 

Locally made custom cabinets

More customers are shifting from stock cabinets to a custom cabinet that will fit their homes and design specifications. Hanssem is one of the best options to get locally made custom cabinets. Although Hanssem is a Korean-owned company, cabinets are manufactured and assembled in Edison, New Jersey. 

Reasonably priced cabinets 

Hanssem is a reasonably priced good quality cabinet. Although they are not top-of-the-line cabinets, Hanssem ensures you get decent cabinets at a very affordable price. 


Hanssem is one of the most environmentally friendly cabinets in the world. They offer healthy and sustainable living. In fact, they are certified by CARB2 and TSCA V, which means they are compliant with the standard of indoor air health quality of any interior spaces. Cabinets are free from excessive formaldehyde in wood panel adhesives. 

Wide variety of cutting-edge designs.

Hanssem offers a wide array of cabinet designs. From traditional design to a more modern design,  Hanssem provide customers the ability to customize their own design that will fit their home space and needs.

Hanssem Cabinets quality review

The overall quality of the Hanssen cabinet is excellent for its price

The overall quality of the Hanssen cabinet is excellent for its price. Lots of homeowners and kitchen designers agree that Hanssem Cabinetry provides a very good value and quality at a competitive price. It is one of the cheapest brands that offer mid-grade cabinets. The raw materials are solid woods manufactured in the New Jersey warehouse, using the finest materials from the world’s leading North American and European suppliers.

Hanssem Cabinets value for money review

Hanssen is very affordable compared to other kitchen cabinet brands. A lot of feedback about Hanssens says that the quality of the product is worth the price. They promised to provide premium value, affordable prices, and a wide variety of choices. You can have a great deal with several stores in the U.S., such as Aqua kitchen, Atlantis Kitchens, Broadway Kitchens & Baths, and many more. They usually offer personalized service, a free estimate, and free 3D design.

Which has better cabinet quality, Hanssem vs. Fabuwood?

Fabuwood shows better quality and value than Hanssen according to Mainline Kitchen Design

Mainline Kitchen Design has published the top-selling cabinet brands in the U.S.  that are existing for the past 20 years. According to their survey, Fabuwood shows better quality and value than Hanssen. Fabuwood was rated 2 on its Price point, which means it is a bit more expensive than Hanssen having a rating of 1 for its Price point.  Fabuwood is graded A for its quality and value, while Hanssen is graded B+ for both quality and value, which means Fabuwood has better quality and value based on its price point.

There is a lot of feedback online as well that supports this claim. Kitchen designers and homeowners agree that Fabuwood has a good value for the money spent, especially for projects with a tighter budget and a shorter lead time.

Common complaints with Hanssem Cabinets

Issues with the overall quality

Most of the complaints that you see online are about the quality of the cabinets. There are discussions online, such as Houzz, about issues with its quality being poorly finished on the inside, cabinet finish defects such as deep scratches, dust and fingerprints that were clear coated, and bubbling or dripping stain residue. There are also complaints about sloppy edges and shelves that do not fit.

However, not all have a negative experience with Hanssem. In fact, on the same discussion thread, some were happy with their purchase, particularly on the price point of the product and the wide variety of styles. They are one of the best brands for low-mid-grade cabinets. The delivery is also great with no extra cost to the customer.

Complaints about delivery

There are complaints about receiving the wrong item, color, or design. There are also complaints about delayed delivery of replacements of defective items.

Problems due to a lousy installation

There are times that the cause of the problems with your kitchen cabinet is not with the quality of the product but how it was installed by the contractor, especially when it is poorly done. To prevent this issue, consider hiring a professional for the installation.