High Heat Masonry Paint

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Updated on August 14, 2023

Masonry is a centuries-old craft, with updates over time adding a coating to its surfaces. Some forms of masonry like those used in fireplaces or areas with low humidity are designed to retain high heat. Read on to learn more about the best high heat masonry paint to use.

Without high heat masonry paint, several brick surfaces in places with low humidity will remain uncoated. Proper coating with high heat masonry paint prevents gradual cracks and imminent disintegration.

You can decide to use high heat masonry paints with primers, specialized cement, water-proofers, and so on. However, proper coating with a high heat masonry paint prevents heat penetration onto bricks. 

Different forms of high heat-resistant paint exist that are ideal for masonry surfaces. That’s why this guide recommends the best high heat masonry paints across categories.

Best High Heat Resistant Masonry Paint 

INSL-X Fire Retardant Paint

Intumescent properties in this fire-retardant paint make it a great option for multiple high-heat surfaces. It comes with a sleek matte finish designed to retard heat spreading that might lead to surface wear and tear. 

The fire retardant paint is suitable for coating wood, plaster, cellulose, metal, and masonry. It also dries quickly, possesses a low odor formulation, and supports washing too. 

AW Perkins 1400-Degree Paint 

Several paints will crack, split, or peel under intense heat, but the AW Perkins 1400 is in a different class. The non-peel paint comes in matte black and remains consistent under heat up to 1400°F.

Its high heat-resistant properties extend the life of masonry, steel, iron, and other surfaces. It also possesses a low VOC formula along with increased surface protection against corrosion. 

Best High Heat Brush-On Paint

Rutland 1200-Degree F Stove Paint 

Brush-on paints from Rutland offer better spread with a flat, black, matte finish and improved resistance against high temperatures. The paint supports improved heat protection (of up to 1200°F) and has a non-flammable formulation. 

16 oz. cans of this brush-on paint are ideal for coating steel, aluminum, cast iron, masonry, and other metals. No primer is necessary before using this paint and you can get a dry finish in a few hours. 

Rust-Oleum 1200-Degree High Brush-On Paint 

The oil-based enamel paint is designed to retain its form under intense heat of up to 1200°F. A single coating of the high brush-on paint can resist varying temperatures and protect different surfaces. 

The paint also retains its color after repeated heating, making it a favored option for long-term use. One 32 oz. container of this paint can cover more than 120 sq. ft. in surface area and dries under 240 minutes. 

Besides being an option for brick surfaces, this paint can provide an excellent coating for metal, wood, and much more. 

Best High Heat Resistant Paint for Brick Fireplace

Giani Brick Transformations Paint (Whitewashed)

The Giani (Whitewashed) Brick Transformation paint is an excellent acrylic water-based paint for brick surfaces. Vintage masonry furnaces could get safe, low odor, and VOC coating with this paint’s formulation. 

It comprises a quick-dry formula that provides a protective, high-heat coating on covered surfaces within six (6) hours. One 16 oz. pint of this paint can cover more than 100 sq. ft. of brick surfaces with correct dilution. 

You need to dilute its content with a 1:2 ratio of thinner (for use in non-flammable areas only) or water. 

AW Perkins 90AW Stove Spray Paint 

The AW Perkins 90AW is an aerosol-form paint designed to coat surfaces that experience high heat. Its 12 oz. container features a multipurpose coating designed to stick onto metal, wood, and other surfaces. 

High heat surfaces like fireplace housing will receive added insulation from the AW Perkins 90AW. It is one of the best high heat masonry fireplace paint available today.

KILZ Masonry Paint 

A gallon of KILZ Masonry Paint is an ideal choice for coating low-humidity areas and outdoor surfaces. One container’s content can cover 1000 sq. ft. of space, making it a top choice for bricks and stuccos. 

Best High Heat Spray Paint

Krylon 12 oz. Spray Paint

The paint and primer combination in this spray paint makes it an ideal option for high-heat surfaces. It comes with an interior-only formulation best suited for coating the inner spaces of wood, metal, and plastic surfaces. 

A 12 oz. can of this spray paint renders a glossy finish for a long-lasting appearance in low-humidity areas.

Seymour 620 Industrial MRO Spray Paint

The Seymour 620 offers a better spread for high heat paints with its spray cap. One 16 oz. container can achieve almost 4 times more coverage than brush-on paints. 

The industrial paint comes with an anti-run and anti-sag composition designed to improve its overall appearance and prevent waste. It provides protection against inclement weather, corrosion, and several destructive elements. 

The industrial-grade spray also features compounds to improve its heat resistance and anti-abrasion properties. It is currently available in thirteen (13) different colors and is ideal for several surfaces.