Home Depot or Lowes for Carpet

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Updated on June 28, 2022

The Home Depot and Lowe’s has some of the largest carpet collections among US home improvement retail/wholesale stores. But between Lowe’s or The Home Depot, which is better to buy carpets?

You need to consider several factors before selecting carpets from The Home Depot or Lowe’s. Considering the brands, pricing, special offers, installations, and other elements is essential to make a great choice. 

Identifying the vital factors before selecting a carpet could prove crucial, especially on floors that receive regular traffic. That’s why this post outlines all vital elements to consider side-by-side from both brands to make your purchase effortless. 

Home Depot vs. Lowes for Carpet: Available Brands

The Home Depot currently has more than 400 different carpet types from over 20 different brands. Carpets sourced from this retailer may have quick installation services available. 

Several carpets are also adequately priced to meet the needs of buyers with different budgets. Popular carpet brands on sale at Home Depot stores include LifeProof, Home Decorators Collection, Shaw, Traffic Master, and Natural Harmony.

Special carpets for pets are also available from specialty brands at Home Depot stores.  

Lowe’s has over 2,000 styles of carpets available in-store and online. More than 40 carpet brands are available for user to choose from to fit various interior spaces. 

Buyers can also get legacy carpet styles based on shag, plush, loop, textures, and patterns. Installation options are usually available to buyers regardless of the choice or style of their preferred carpet. 

Lowe’s sells carpets from popular brands like Royalty Carpet Mills, Joy, Shaw, Stainmaster, and so on. Several styles are available for spread or decorative carpeting on wide or narrow spaces. 

Home Depot vs. Lowes for Carpet: Installation Options

Installation services from Home Depot and Lowe’s are typically outsourced to private companies. Both brands contract any installation orders to companies close to locations where such services are required. 

The installation options available to shoppers for Lowe’s or Home Depot carpets vary. In most cases, the company those services are outsourced to get to determine how many options users can gain access to. 

However, installation times from both carpet retailers are quite impressive. Buyers of Home Depot carpets who request installation services usually get their choice installed in 7 days or less. 

Lowe’s also offers carpets for sale with installation options that could be fulfilled within a few days. The Lowe’s brand currently has more than 2,000 stores countrywide with partner installations in most locations. 

Home Depot vs. Lowes for Carpet: Pricing

Home Depot carpets are available for a few cents or dollars per sq. foot. 

Budget-priced carpets from Home Depot stores sells for about $0.65 per sq. foot. Expensive options are also available around $1.80 per sq. foot. 

Look out for any special offers or promotions before you buy carpets from Home Depot. 

Some Home Depot carpets come with free installation services on some styles. Other times purchases over $700 usually get a free offer along with additional orders. 

Lowe’s carpets are a little more expensive, especially for buyers keen on luxury brands. Carpets from this store sell for about $0.74 per sq. foot and expensive styles can sell for about $3 per sq. foot. 

Prices of these carpets might increase or decrease based on your mode of purchase. In some cases, in-store purchases are quite budget-friendly than online orders from both stores. 

And it’s worth noting that these prices do not include installation costs.

Home Depot vs. Lowes for Carpet: Special Offers

Home Depot offers special promotions to buyers who make high-value purchases. Special offers might come as a discount or free value-added service.

However, Lowe’s rarely offers free stuff with low or high-value purchases. 

Currently, Lowe’s offers free installation services to buyers, and in some cases, shoppers must pay out-of-pocket for carpet installations. 

Home Depot vs. Lowes for Carpet: Rebranding

Some reports say Home Depot and Lowe’s use price padding and rebranding to make more profit from buyers. 

Customers say not all Home Depot and Lowe’s carpets are actually from the brand printed on their packaging. Several reviews say some carpets are either knock-offs or cheaply manufactured and rebranded as high-quality flooring. 

Home Depot vs. Lowes for Carpet: Comparison Shopping

Comparison-shopping is almost impossible for buyers of Home Depot and Lowe’s carpets, according to some customer reviews. Several customer reports say both brands tamper with the branding of carpets in inventory to make comparison-shopping much harder.

Carpets from Home Depot vs. Local Stores

Purchasing carpets from local stores might be more rewarding than patronizing Home Depot stores. If the customer reviews are true, comparison-shopping from Home Depot inflates the value of their in-stock items. 

What this means is simple, a cheaper brand from local carpet stores might be of similar quality to those from Home Depot.

Carpets from Lowe’s vs. Local Stores

Some customer reviews say Lowe’s engages in rebranding products to discourage comparison-shopping. If this is true, then most carpets from local retail stores may be good enough for your floors.