How much is 813 spirit points worth?

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Updated on May 16, 2023

Spirit Airlines have recently relaunched the Spirit Point program, aiming to reward its loyal customers. Customers earn Spirit points whenever they book travel from Spirit Airlines or use Spirit Airlines services from any affiliated facilities. These points can be used at any time to get much-needed miles for travel or use to avail one-way ticket for free.

The value of each Spirit point varies depending on the services you have availed yourself. But mostly, the baseline value of Spirit point is 0.75 cents. So, if you already have 813 Spirit points, you can earn as much as $609.75. You can earn more points every time you book a flight, either international or local.

How can I earn 813 Spirit Points?

If you wonder how you can earn points from Spirit Airlines, there are several ways to do it, such as: 

  1. Early bird– booking at least 28 days earlier would give you higher points and avoid a close-in booking fee. 
  2. International flights– international flights give higher points than local flights. You can earn 1.75 points from your trip to Mexico and the Caribbean.
  3. Spirit credit cards– earn points whenever you use them. You can have either Free Spirit Travel More World Elite Mastercard ($79 annual fee) or Spirit Travel Mastercard (no annual fee)
  4. Shop at Spirit online stores
  5. Avail services from Spirit partners, like hotels, cruise ships, restaurants, and car rental services and earn as much as 10,000 points. 

Can I fly free for 813 Spirit points?

813 Spirit points is not enough to earn a free ticket

To earn a free one-way ticket, you need at least earn 2500 Spirit points. And remember, you can only use these points to redeem for the fare portion of the flight. Thus, you still need to pay ancillary fees such as seat selection, bags, and other add-ons.

Can I upgrade my seat on Spirit with 813 points?

813 points cannot be used to upgrade seats

Spirit points are strictly used to redeem the fare portion of the flight and cannot be used to upgrade seats and other ancillary services. You must pay out-of-pocket to upgrade your seat.

Do Free Spirit points expire?

Points will not expire as long as the account remain active for 12 months

Points will not expire. But you have to keep your account active, as 12 months of inactivity will forfeit your points. So, you have to remain active by continuing on earning or redeeming with Spirit or with Free Spirit partners.