How To Remove A Star Lock Washer

By Shaira Alano Written by Shaira Alano
Updated on March 20, 2022

Connecting pieces of metal together need a separate item to help them become secure. Now, you have many options ranging from different sizes and shapes of washers. A unique washer that you can see is the star lock washer. These washers are commonly used because they are very versatile.

If you need to remove a star lock washer, you would need a screwdriver or a sturdy wire to pry in between the star lock washer then push it using a hammer or a plier.

The name of the star lock washer came from its unique, toothed appearance. They may be capped or uncapped, and all the washers’ interiors have numerous “legs.” The legs form a star-like appearance inside the washer.

However, you eventually need to make repairs on car engines. You can even need to do some modifications to the nuts and bolts in there.

To help you remove a star lock washer, here are some steps that you can follow.

1. Use a screwdriver or a sturdy wire to pry in between the star lock washer

The wire or a screwdrive will act as a wedge to pry out the star lock washer.

2. Get a hammer or a plier and use it to push the screwdriver.

The point of using the screwdriver and hammer combo is to destroy the star lock washer so that you can remove it. The hammer will help you exert a higher force over the screwdriver. With one or two smacks with a hammer, you can easily remove your star lock washer.

How to remove a star lock washer

How do you remove a push-lock washer?

When you use a push-lock washer in a car’s engine, its caps would cover the axle and give it a better appearance.

A common use of the washer like the push-lock is its ability to secure engine parts effectively. However, they also serve other purposes! They can also prevent the occurrence of galvanic corrosion or steel screw insulation.

Automobiles are no longer constructed like in the old times. Manufacturers used to bolt items together to expect a technician to remove them later to replace or repair them.

However, you may face the need to remove them yourself! After putting together your engine with a push-lock washer, you may realize that you need to remove the push nuts. Unfortunately, you need to destroy the whole washer to pry it out.

Here are the steps that you need to know about removing a push-lock washer:

1. Remove the cover of the push-lock washer.

Normally, you need a screwdriver to pry out the cover of the washer. You can use any flathead tool that you have. After exposing the push-lock washer’s head, use your tool to pry it away from the surface of the metal shaft.

2. Use vice grips to push the push-lock washer.

You need to turn the washer while exerting a pulling force to remove it off the shaft it clings on to. Depending on the secureness of the washer, you may need to exert a lot of pressure to accomplish this task.

If you do not want to remove your push-lock washer like that, you can try looking at the following guide:

1. Break the washer with a chisel or screwdriver.

Insert your wedging instrument between the push nut washer and its bolt. Pry it out by bending or breaking it.

2. Pick up the broken washer.

Removing the washer means that you break it. Sometimes, procedures need to have the bolt unscratched. If this is your need, removing the push-lock washer becomes more difficult because it damages the bolt during removal.

How do you remove a star clip?

Star clips can get very difficult to remove because of their ability to secure very well. And if you suddenly need to remove them, check out these steps:

1. Start by getting eye and face protection.

2. Get an angle grinder. Remove any components close to the bolt and the push nut if necessary to avoid damage.

3. Fit the angle grinder with a grinding wheel. Carefully grind down the teeth on the nut.

What are star lock washers used for?

Star lock washers can be used to press a shaft of steel onto another to assemble them efficiently. With the washer, you get a quick way to connect metal shafts resulting in a permanent connection.

The self-aligning star lock washer is best used when you need a square-shaped fastener to fit the axis of your metal shaft.

Some other hexagonal washers come in different sizes of thread. This makes it difficult to find one that fits the metal shaft you are working on. Moreover, it is also more challenging to assemble because you need another tool like a wrench to screw it in place.

The benefit of a star lock washer is that they do not need threading or grooving. But, even if no threads are in place, star lock washers are still incredible at securing metal shafts.