How to Stream PS2 Games

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Updated on July 24, 2023

PS2 games have been in circulation for about two decades, but gamers still get a nostalgic feeling with this console. Many major streamers now host classical gaming sessions and want information on how to stream PS2 games. 

You can stream PS2 games on a Windows, Linux or macOS PC. Gamers can also stream PS2 games on Twitch, Discord, and other streaming sites with dedicated software/hardware accessories. 

Different methods exist to help gamers stream PlayStation games on several platforms. That’s why this guide details the best steps to assist gamers to stream games on their choice platform with ease. 

How to Stream PS2 Games on Twitch

You’ll need a PC, two monitors, a headset, webcam, and OBS software to stream PS2 games on Twitch. You might also need a microphone, proper lighting, and other accessories to give your streams better quality.

 It’s easier for this method to work when you run the PS2 games from your PC.

Step 1: Create/Log into Twitch account

If you don’t have a Twitch account, search the keyword ‘Twitch’ from your desktop browser

Next, fill the relevant details in Twitch’s Sign Up window to get an account. Note that you can open as many Twitch accounts as you want. 

You will be requested to verify your account (via email or SMS). After that, you will gain access to Twitch.

If you already have a Twitch account, all you need to access the streaming service is your username and password. 

Step 2: Download and install/Launch OBS

Next, visit to download the OBS client compatible with your PC. Restart your PC and launch OBS for better results.

Step 3: Connect OBS to Twitch

After opening your OBS software, follow the path: File > Settings > Stream > Connect Account to establish a connection. 

Select Twitch as your preferred streaming service from the list of available options. 

Step 4: Create overlay

Your PS2 stream on Twitch needs an overlay to work smoothly. You can use programs like StreamLabs or StreamElements to build an overlay that goes on your streams. 

Step 5: Add a new scene

Right-click Scenes or click on the ‘+’ button in its list of options. 

Next, click Add from the pop-up menu.

Give your new scene a name and click OK.

Step 6: Add Overlay

Next, add your overlay from your preferred creator (StreamLabs or StreamElements). Right-click on Sources (on OBS at the bottom-left corner) and paste your overlay’s URL from the creator. 

On OBS, you can add overlays with the following path: Sources > Add > Browser. Next, resize your scene’s dimensions to tally with that of your overlay and save your progress. 

Step 7: Add webcam

Follow the path: Sources > Add > Video Capture Device to set up your webcam to display through OBS. 

Next, name the video source as your webcam, tap on ‘Add Existing’, and click OK. 

 Edit your webcam’s settings and click OK. You can also add input devices (microphones) and output devices (headphones/speakers) through the Sources menu. 

Step 8: Launch your PS2 game

Next, launch the PS2 game from your PC (through an emulator). Click Sources (on OBS) > Add > Game Capture to render your PS2 game. 

Step 9: Broadcast your game on Twitch

Click Start Stream on Twitch (at the lower right corner of your screen). Focus Twitch on your PS2 game window to render it as a livestream. 

How to Stream PS2 Games on Windows PC

Step 1: Download and install a PS2 emulator

PS2 emulators like PCSX2 are common choices for running PlayStation games on PC. Download your preferred emulator online and install it in your PC. 

Step 2: Set OBS

Open your installed OBS software and select your PS2 game’s window as a streaming source. Follow the path: OBS > Sources > Add > Video Capture > Existing source > Webcam > OK. The following path makes it easy to render your webcam’s feed onto OBS. 

You can also add input and output devices to support your stream with the path: Sources > Add path. 

Step 3: Setup emulator

Your preferred emulator is likely to have a Bios, controller, screen/video setup menu. Configure the available options to your preference and load your PS2 game through the emulator. 

Next, run your PS2 game and relay it directly onto OBS through the path: OBS > Sources > Add > Game Capture.

Step 4: Broadcast games

You can decide to broadcast games on Discord, Twitch, or other streaming service directly from OBS. Just click the stream button on your preferred streaming service and focus it on your PS2 game window. 

Can I Stream PS2 Games on macOS?

You can use a PS2 game emulator for macOS and streaming software to livestream PlayStation games. 

Can I Stream PS2 Emulator Games on Twitch?

Twitch doesn’t have any express rules against users streaming emulated content. However, it’s a smart move to use emulators installed on your hardware instead of software from unverified sources.