Latitudes Collection by Flexsteel Reviews

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Updated on June 28, 2022

The Latitudes Collection is a popular furniture line from Flexsteel designed primarily for maximum comfort. Many ratings about this product exist online and some of these reviews are given after several years of use.

The Flexsteel Latitudes Collection recliner line receives generally poor reviews across ratings sites. Reviews of the Flexsteel Latitude Collection usually range from 1.5 to 3.3 after thousands of reviews.

Even with generally poor reviews, the Latitudes Collection line still receives positive feedback from satisfied customers. 

If you’re keen to purchase a Flexsteel Latitudes sofa, this guide has all the vital information you need to make your choice. 

Is It Easy to Redeem the Warranty on Flexsteel Latitudes Collection?

There are mixed reviews from customer who tried to redeem warranties on Flexsteel Latitudes recliners.

Some customers say they got the warranty cover as advertised, while others complain about dishonest warranties on these recliners. 

Observations show that customers who purchased from Flexsteel directly and early warranty redeemers usually get better service. 

Purchasing a Flexsteel recliner from third-party retailers might make redeeming warranties pretty difficult.

Are Flexsteel Latitude Recliners Stronger than Flexsteel Safe Haven?

Many customers say that Flexsteel Safe Haven sofas are stronger and more reliable than Latitude recliners. Safe Haven recliners are manufactured in Mexico while Latitude recliners are mainly produced in China. 

Customers point out superior differences between Safe Haven sofas’ padding, fabric, and overall longevity than that of Latitude recliners. 

What Common Issues Do Flexsteel Latitude Users Experience?

Users of Flexsteel Latitude face three common issues with their recliners. Wilting is a common issue in Flexsteel Latitude recliners with fabric upholstery. 

Deepening seats are also common among users who use their recliners for long periods. Several users weighing over 100lbs complain about the seating area on their recliners more than other customers.

Weakening reclining ability is also common among Flexsteel Latitude users with recliners older than 5 years.  

Does Flexsteel Latitude Recliner Customer Service Assist Buyers?

The customer service experience of Flexsteel Latitude users range from good to bad across reviews. 

Some customers say Flexsteel customer service agents are easy to contact and offer valuable assistance after purchase. However, the timing of responses by customer service agents is a major concern for many Flexsteel Latitude users. 

What are Flexsteel Latitude Recliners’ Main Benefits that People Say in Reviews?

Buyers of Flexsteel Latitude recliners usually single out its reclining angle as a major feature for relaxation. Many users of this recliner say they can achieve a 45° angle with ease in most reviews. 

The padding quality is another major benefit most users of this recliners talk about in reviews. Even if the padding might be too soft for some users, many others believe it makes sitting a lot more comfortable. 

The Flexsteel Latitude’s headrest is another main benefit satisfied customers discuss about more in reviews. Most Flexsteel Latitude recliners feature protruding headrests designed to capture the head and neck of sitters. 

Is It Easy to Attach a Loose Footrest on Flexsteel Latitude Recliners?

Several customer reviews show that it is quite easy to attach a footrest on Flexsteel Latitude Collection recliners. 

The footrests are designed to stay stuck onto the bottom area of this recliner. A gentle nudge might be enough to keep the footrest in place; however, some models might require more effort. 

Is the Padding on Flexsteel Latitude Sofas Strong?

Most customers to leave reviews after using this recliner usually say its padding is quite soft. In some cases, buyers looking for a rigid head and torso rest might not fancy the soft nature of this recliner. 

Other customers who desire a strong support for their head and torso area say a tough cushion could do the trick. 

But some other users say using tough cushions on such soft paddings might destroy the sofa’s upholstery. Latitude sofas covered with synthetic leather are prone to easy tear after regular use according to several customer reviews. 

Can I Get Replacement Arms for a Broken Flexsteel Latitude Recliner?

According to customer reviews, replacement arms for broken Flexsteel Latitude recliners are available from three sources. 

You can contact Flexsteel’s customer service directly through their website or phone number for a replacement. If you request a replacement arm, it could incur accessories costs and might require some fees for installation.

A broken Flexsteel arm is also available from some licensed third-party stores. 

Contacting these stores for a replacement might be more expensive than requesting aftersales services from Flexsteel. However, many customers say that Flexsteel recliners from third-party stores arrive on time and in good condition. 

Is Wilting a Common Problem on Flexsteel Latitude Fabrics?

Flexsteel recliners covered in fabrics made from cotton are likely to wilt over time according to several customer reviews. 

Some reviews say wilting on their fabric-coated recliners started after 6 years of use. Other reviews described wilting on recliners after 3 to 5 years of regular use. 

A common solution to wilting suggested by several reviewers is a blade and shaving stick. Scraping off wilting from affected areas was enough to reduce the problem for several users.