Liebherr Ice Maker Not Working

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Updated on June 10, 2022

Ice makers from Liebherr are popular options among buyers for home and commercial use. Liebherr ice makers could develop faults and stop producing ice blocks all of a sudden. 

Liebherr ice makers might not work if they have issues during operation or get disconnected from power supply. Other faults might stop the ice maker from working until a manual or automatic reset is completed.  

Troubleshooting problems with the Liebherr ice maker could be difficult, especially with limited information. That’s why this article provides vital steps to help you fix your Liebherr ice maker whenever it’s not working. 

Why is My Liebherr Ice Maker Not Working?

Supply line clog

Frozen water along your ice maker’s supply line is enough to cause a significant clog. If the clog isn’t removed, your Liebherr ice maker has a slim chance of producing any rocks for your drinks.

Placing your ice maker in a slanted position (while unplugged) could be enough to solve this problem. 

No ice in its bin

An unplugged ice maker won’t release anything from its dispenser. Whenever an ice maker has been disconnected from power supply, it might take some time before it starts dispensing blocks again. 

Otherwise, consult a qualified technician if your icemaker is plugged in but not dispensing any ice blocks. Faulty ice dispensers might have issues with their water inlet, and only an expert. 

Frozen auger motor

Ice makers need auger motors (located behind freezer wall) to dispense blocks into its front tray. Leaving an ice maker plugged in without using it can freeze up its auger motor. 

Frozen auger motors might still dispense ice but at a slower rate than when it’s unfrozen. Frozen augers won’t spin and will limit how many ice cubes can get to your icemaker’s chute. 

Jammed raker or dispenser

Whenever an icemaker’s dispenser or raking mechanism encounters faults, it won’t push ice towards its chute. A blocked raker or dispenser could be caused by excess ice or freezing along the dispensing compartment. 

How to Fix Liebherr Ice Maker

Step 1: Switch icemaker on

First, remove any cubes from your icemaker’s drawer. After that, press the ‘ON’ button on your icemaker to ensure it’s working. 

If the icemaker isn’t on, check its power supply connection to confirm it is plugged in. Remove the ice drawer after pressing your icemaker’s ON button. 

Step 2: Hold ‘ON/OFF’ button

Next, hold the ‘ON/OFF’ button for at least 10 seconds (expect the icemaker to switch off after 2 seconds).

Step 3: Allow LED flash

Holding the ON/OFF button for 10 seconds sends your icemaker into an ‘LED flash’ mode. The LED flash mode usually lasts for 1 minute. 

Insert the icemaker’s drawer during its flash mode and it will set at an angle. 

Step 4: Remove drawer and press ‘ON/OFF’ button

After the LED flash mode rounds off, you can remove the drawer, clean it (with water and wash-up liquid) before re-inserting it. 

If the steps are followed correctly, your icemaker should operate properly. If the steps above don’t work, it’s better to engage an automatic reset of your Liebherr icemaker. 

How to Reset Liebherr Ice Maker with SuperCool

Some Liebherr icemakers come with the SuperCool option designed to dispense ice blocks much faster. Check out how to reset your SuperCool-enabled Liebherr icemaker with the following steps.

Step 1: Press SuperCool button

Touching the SuperCool button on your Liebherr icemaker activates the quick-cool feature from your refrigerant. 

Step 2: Touch SuperCool icon again

Pressing the icon again (until its LED flash goes out) returns your icemaker to its default-cooling mode. 

How to Manually Reset Liebherr Ice Maker

Step 1: Switch icemaker OFF

Pressing the ON/OFF button on your icemaker switches it off (only when it is turned on). If your icemaker is already turned off, proceed to the next step. 

Step 2: Disconnect from power source

After that, unplug your Liebherr icemaker from its power source. Disconnecting the icemaker from its power source initiates a defrost process. 

Keep the icemaker unplugged from power for about 2 – 10 minutes during warm weather. You can leave the icemaker unplugged for about 30 minutes in cold weather to ensure proper defrosting. 

Remove the tray from your icemaker and empty any blocks. 

Step 3: Reconnect icemaker and press ON button

Next, put the tray into your icemaker and press its ON button. Pressing the ON button activates your icemaker 

The manual reset option is faster and might be enough to get your icemaker working again. But the automatic reset (Supercool option) is better, especially when you’re in no hurry to get ice.