Lysol laundry sanitizer warnings

Many of our cleaning materials and products contain chemicals that could be harmful to us. But what if the product itself is made to kill bacteria? Does it still come with health warnings?

Lysol Laundry Sanitizer has mixed reviews. Others claim that the product worked for them without a problem, others say that it caused them some health issues, that’s why this product has a lot of concerns. So before you buy it, it is best to research the potential risks.

Lysol laundry sanitizer warnings

Below is some information from reviews customers have put on pages for the Lysol laundry sanitizer product.

Is Lysol laundry sanitizer safe for sensitive skin?

No. You do not want the Lysol laundry sanitizer if you have sensitive skin.

a. Can Lysol laundry sanitizer cause a rash?

Yes, and many reviewers on Amazon have confirmed it.

One reviewer claimed that her husband broke out in a rash. The case was so severe that it required visits to the doctor and prescription medication. And after speaking with her friends who bought the same product, she found that the same thing happened to their children.

Reviewer ‘Demelza Brooke’ had a more violent reaction after washing her bedding with the Lysol laundry sanitizer.

She woke up to a painful, warm, itchy rash on her neck. She also felt her throat tightening and felt slightly lightheaded. So, she had to go to the hospital.

The doctors told her she had a reaction to something and prescribed her three medicines.

b. Can Lysol laundry sanitizer cause hives?

Yes, this product can also cause hives to break out, as many Amazon reviewers have pointed out. The hives appear on body parts that a piece of clothing washed with this product has touched. And the hives could last days instead of just a couple of hours.

Another customer says she doesn’t even have sensitive skin. Still, she had hives that felt hot everywhere. The itchiness lasted for a week that even an anti-itch cream barely handled it.

Lysol laundry sanitizer acute and chronic health effects

If this product gets into your eyes, it can cause serious, irreversible eye damage. That’s why it is advised that you wear goggles when you use this product.

Likewise, it is highly recommended that you wear gloves because Lysol laundry sanitizer can cause an allergic skin reaction.

This product can also cause chronic health effects. Once sensitized, a severe allergic reaction may occur when subsequently exposed to very low levels.

Lysol laundry sanitizer warnings

Is Lysol laundry sanitizer safe for pets?

Again, the answer is a resounding no. The label even says it is “harmful to humans and domestic animals.”

Lysol has a compound called phenol. For in-home use, phenol is not advisable, mostly if you have a pet dog around. Inhaling phenol may cause liver damage for dogs, and licking it may cause them serious chemical burns. 

Lysol gives a highly potentially harmful organic chemical that can mix through the vapor unnoticed. So you must clean your house carefully and make sure your buddies are not around because if they somewhat gain access through one of your cleaning materials, they’ll surely drool, lose appetite, and if not treated immediately, may cause death.

So, it is best not to use this product for the safety of your animal friends.

Does Lysol laundry sanitizer have an overwhelming fragrance?

Yes, many claim that this product has an overwhelming fragrance. Even when the product is still sealed, you can smell it. And the customer whose parrot died said the strong fumes from the laundry caused what happened.

One customer also warned others about air-drying clothes washed with Lysol laundry sanitizer. “It stinks as it dries,” they said. They claim that their apartment reeked for half a day, and it took a whole week before the scent was completely gone.

“It reminds me of that toxic smell created when people used to do home perms,” said another customer. They can even smell it through the shipping box.

Customers speculate that the overwhelming chemicals caused the product to have a strong smell. 

Conclusion: Is Lysol laundry sanitizer safe to use?

It is best to stay away from Lysol laundry sanitizer with all that’s been said. Things that have a strong smell are often harmful. And the testimonies from the customers who bought it are enough proof that buying this product is not worth it.

Lysol laundry sanitizer warnings

Think about it. How many laundry products require you to wear goggles? If there are products aside from this one, there aren’t many.

Rashes and hives alone would not kill you, yes. But that will cause you so many inconveniences. Furthermore, you still have to spend money visiting the doctor and buying prescription medicine.

This product can also be lethal to your pets. And who knows how dangerous to babies it can be. It may be best not to find an answer to that question.

In short, Lysol laundry sanitizer is not safe to use. It comes with many risks, and some say it isn’t even that effective. If you need a laundry sanitizer, it is better to check other alternatives.