Mevotech Wheel Bearing Review

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Updated on August 14, 2023

The Mevotech brand currently produces several chassis technologies designed to promote mechanical durability and performance. It makes in-demand wheel bearings to support the easy rotation of wheels and rotors. Learn more in our Mevotech Wheel Bearing review. 

Mevotech wheel bearings are designed to reduce friction, support wheel load, and decrease rotor resistance. Three different kinds of Mevotech wheel bearings exist and offer unique features in their final design. 

It could be difficult to get the wheel bearings that perfectly fit your vehicle assembly without the correct information. That’s why this article reviews vital information about all types of Mevotech wheel bearings.

You’ll find it very easy to select wheel bearings from Mevotech with the guidance this post provides.  

Product Features 

Mevotech wheel bearings feature a set of neatly assembled parts designed to promote smooth rotation. Vehicles and motors of different kinds could require wheel bearings to connect moving parts to calipers. 

Some wheel bearings from Mevotech might require tapered or ball-rolling elements to fit on some vehicles. Several bearing assembly kits are designed to attach to the rear axle flange and steering knuckles of vehicles. 

Wheel bearing kits also help support multiple performance elements in vehicles. A strong wheel bearing kit helps prevent tire wear while improving vehicle stability and handling ease. 

Fit Type 

All Mevotech wheel bearings feature ABS sensors and plugs designed to increase proper linkup. The internally-sealed design makes a perfect fit in vehicles prone to receive dirt, debris, and massive vibrations. 

Mevotech TTX Wheel Bearing

The TTX wheel bearings from Mevotech come with a roll-form construction designed to lock in internal components. Such a sturdy fitting increases the protection of all parts included and jointed to your wheel bearing. 

It also features a Quantum Sealing system designed with multi-lip profiles to increase the bearing’s defense. Its nano-ceramic lubrication resists extreme heat and corrosion and sustains viscosity during operation.   

TTX wheel bearings also feature thick flanges designed to improve protection and stability during operation. It also features corrosion-proof coating evenly applied across its surface to support long-lasting use.

A molded, thick cord also features in this wheel bearing set to guarantee better linkup for your assembly unit. The abrasion-proof cord prevents contaminants and perforation from contacting your sensors and plug ports. 

Mevotech Supreme Wheel Bearing

A set preload is possible with the Mevotech Supreme due to its durable roll-form construction. It helps lock internal components in properly and supports the smoother operation of your wheel assembly. 

Premium seals feature on the Supreme variant to provide better protection against contaminants capable of hampering the smooth operation. It also features a pre-filled lube capable of reducing friction. 

Lubrication used in the Mevotech Supreme helps guarantee smooth operation across temperatures. Anti-corrosion coating on this wheel assembly helps protect components and ensures longer operation. 

A durable abrasion-proof cord also features in this bearing assembly to provide protection against contamination and perforation. 

Mevotech OG Wheel Bearing

The Mevotech Original Grade (OG) range of wheel bearing components adopts industry-standard design specifications and much more. 

Its design is achieved with high-strength alloy steel to boost durable performance across conditions. 

Fittings in this range are crafted to function towards keeping sold vehicles operational for much longer. An OG wheel bearing features an orbital roll form designed to set preload easily for better operation. 

It also comes with a durable seal that locks out contamination while retaining grease for smooth rotation. Its pre-filled lube grease also helps reduce friction and keeps your wheel assembly oiled during and after operation. 

An ABS sensor on this kit also helps replicate OEM signals output for easy signal rendering. It also features a flange built to withstand constant vibration during use for smoother rotation. 

Mevotech Wheel Bearing Range

Mevotech wheel bearings can provide support for several domestic and import vehicles. 

Common domestic vehicles that can run Mevotech wheel bearings are Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge, Ford, and GM. Import vehicles that can support Mevotech wheel bearings include Kia, Hyundai, Subaru, Mazda, Audi, and Volkswagen.

Several vehicles from as early as 2004 to recent releases can support Mevotech wheel bearings. You need advice from an experienced technician to select the wheel bearing that fits your vehicle perfectly. 

Mevotech Wheel Bearing Warranty

Warranties on Mevotech wheel bearings do not apply when these fittings are installed on commercial, competition and off-road vehicles. Rigorous use of these wheel bearings could lead to significant wear and tear and may invalidate warranties. 

Mevotech wheel bearings carry a 60,000-mile or 5-year warranty. The warranty applies if any of both scenarios happen first.  Other parts available from Mevotech carry between 1-year to limited lifetime warranties. 

Mileage required to exceed warranties from other available parts not under limited lifetime cover range from 12,000 to 60,000 miles.