Monroe Roadmatic Review

The overall condition, control, and stability of the vehicle depend on the vehicle’s suspension and steering systems, which include the shock and strut. The strut provides load-bearing support, stabilizes the vehicle’s movements, and ensures good control, especially when turning, stopping, and driving on uneven road surfaces.

Monroe is one of the trusted brands of innovative tools and aftermarket ride control solutions that designed an integrated strut. Monroe’s Roadmatic Strut is a fully assembled unit that has all the elements needed for strut replacement. It offers a quicker, safer, and simpler installation process than the traditional strut. This innovation from Monroe is impressive, so we will visit some of the reviews of this product to see if it is indeed high-quality and reliable.

Is Monroe Roadmatic a good choice?

Monroe Roadmatic is an excellent choice

Monroe Roadmatic is an excellent choice. Aside from the ease in the installation process, it is considerably smoother and better suited for highway driving than the other brands. Monroe is an institution when it comes to making quality shock absorbers for vehicles. For over 30 years, they have never failed to provide quality and sturdy strut safe on the road.

Summary of customer’s experience with Monroe Roadmatic

Monroe Roadmatic got a 4.5 out of 5-star rating in Amazon

The quality of the Monroe Roadmatic is definitely unbeatable when it comes to shock absorbers. Here’s a summary of the customers’ experience with Monroe Roadmatic.

One of the largest online marketplaces is Amazon. The majority of the customers are satisfied with the performance of the product. In fact, Monroe Roadmatic got a 4.5 out of 5-star rating from its customers. Most comments say Monroe Roadmatic’s quality is excellent for its price. It is way cheaper than a bare strut and a bushing kit. Moreover, many customers also applauded the simple installation process of Monroe Roadmatic. There are no non-sense preparations, and it takes only few minutes to complete the installation process. All you must do is to take the old one off, then switch the new Monroe Roadmatic, then put back all the bolts.

What are the common complaints with Monroe’s Roadmatic?

The overall experience of customers with Monroe Roadmatic is excellent so far. There are only a few negative comments about the product, corresponding to about 4% of the total customers of the product. Here are few of the most common complaints about the product:

Clunking and rattling sound

 Most of the complaints are about the clunking and rattling sound after several miles. However, we cannot conclude that it is due to the product quality because it is very uncommon for a newly replaced shock or strut. Noise typically indicates loose or worn mounting hardware.

Strut does not fit

There are some complaints about the fit of the Monroe Roadmatic in their unit, specifically with the Ford Taurus. It is slightly longer and rounded than the original strut, which has a slightly rounded edge.

Bad top mounts and undersized springs

The top mounts serve as an attachment of the strut to the vehicle’s chassis. Some reported bad top mount and undersized springs that make it impossible to attach.

Doesn’t last long

Some customers said that Roadmatic along with other Monroe’s cheaper lines, such as Econo-Matic and Monro-Matic can barely last more than 30 miles.

How long does Monroe’s Roadmatic last?

Replace every 50,000 miles

Generally, it is recommended to check your shocks and struts every 12,500 miles and replace them every 50,000 miles. The same with Monroe Roadmatic, it is crucial to religiously replace them every 50,000 miles to ensure safety in driving. At this mileage, it’s expected that components are starting to wear out.

Pros and cons of Monroe Roadmatic

Monroe Roadmatic Pros

  1. Easy to install –Since it is fully integrated, you do not need to have a spring compressor to install. It is as easy as removing the old one, installing the new Monroe Roadmatic, then putting back all the bolts.
  2. High- Quality –It is crucial to meet the OE specs for every spare part replacement to avoid any disastrous failure of your vehicle. Monroe Roadmatic has been fir and ride-tested to meet the OE specs.
  3. Availability –Monroe Roadmatic is easy to find. You can buy it in any Monroe-affiliated auto parts store near you, or you can have it delivered to your front door from any trusted online marketplace, like Amazon.
  4. Price-Monroe Roadmatic costs $101.99 each, which is way cheaper than a bare strut and a bushing kit. The quality of this product is also excellent for its price.

Monroe Roadmatic Cons

  1. Does not fit- Some vehicle unit stock does not fit with Monroe Roadmatic. Some say it is slightly longer than the originals and vice-versa.
  2. Clunking metallic sound – Although it is not proven to be related to the quality of the product, there are several complaints about having a clanking sound after the installation.

Is Monroe Roadmatic worth it?

Monroe Roadmatic is worth it

Based on the overall customers’ experience with Monroe Roadmatic, we can say it is worth it. In fact, this brand stands out in its quality. It provides consistent performance because of the nitrogen gas charge and all-weather fluid feature that improve the ride and handling of your car. It is also, ideal for paved roads, especially for high-speed driving. Aside from that, it is easy to install with its fully integrated design without requiring special preparation and a spring compressor. Additionally, it meets the OE specification that prevents catastrophic failure of your vehicle, thus, ensuring safety.