Motorkote problems

By Dianne Catapang Written by Dianne Catapang
Updated on September 1, 2022

Motorkote is a popular oil additive brand that prevents corrosion, reduces foaming and friction, and modifies viscosity. Simply put, it is meant to do good on the engine. As a matter of fact, some users think of it as life insurance for their engine as it serves as a protector that can make their engine run smoother again. 

Without a doubt, Motorkote is highly popular. Yet, its popularity is not just because of its great help for the engine. A significant reason for its popular name is that it is connected with problems. In fact, many people fail to experience the positive results on their engine that the oil additive is for. Some think it has been useless to use Motorkote, while the majority suffered from its bad quality. 

motorkote problems

Problems regarding the Motorkote are quite popular too. These issues made a lot of possible users double-think about trying the oil additive. Check out the several Motorkote problems below to see if it is still worth trying. 

Motorkote causes massive engine failure

Interestingly, Motorkote is consistently advertised as a miracle oil additive that can quickly improve an engine. However, a lot of past users seemed to have experienced no engine improvement from using it. What’s worse, the oil additive only contributed to a more massive engine failure.

After using the Motorkote, users reported that the oil additive eventually turns into thick bubble gum-like residue or adds to the sludge buildup. With that said, it is no wonder a lot of people already think that the oil additive is just a waste of many as it does not work exactly as advertised.

Basically, there’s a risk to using Motorkote since its problem is not an isolated case but has overwhelming issues proven by its past users. 

It causes corrosion inside the engine

Supposedly, Motorkote can prevent corrosion buildup inside the engine. However, the result is unfavorable for some. Apparently, it is reported that the oil additive also turned into corrosion inside the engine over time. Problems like this are easily noticeable in reviews of Motorkote in popular online stores that sell it. 

Since the oil additive can turn into corrosion over time after actually removing some, it is just useless to try it out. Some users even commented on online reviews that it is much better to use ordinary oil addition. After all, expecting to experience the miracle result of Motorkote as advertised will be disappointing.  

motorkote problems

Motorkote does not improve car engine

As mentioned above, it has been a common problem for Motorkote to have no positive effect on the engine upon use. This means that it doesn’t also cause any improvement on a car engine, which is far from how it should work. 

Truly, some past users think that Motorkote somewhat has false advertising because it causes no significant improvement on the engine. No engine smoothness results and no significant change in engine performance, which is different from what it promised to do. 

Motorkote does not have a consistent effect on the engine

Initially, what makes Motorkote popular is because it causes positive effects on a car engine. However, it doesn’t seem consistent with what others experienced. Basically, it doesn’t work as expected, which is a disappointment, especially since it can be a waste of money by being useless.

From the users’ perspective, the inconsistent effect of the oil additive in a car engine is a reasonable excuse not to buy it. Having an unsure effect when used is already enough reason not to trust Motorkote. It is not good to just be thankful when it works and just let it pass if it does not cause any good on the engine. 

It has problems with ultra-high heat

Motorkote is not ideal for ultra-high heat applications as it only leads to problems and might put an engine at risk. With this kind of restriction, it is safe to say that the oil additive is not flexible enough. When combined with its issue in consistency in its effect, it might be better for some just to use its alternative.  

Motorkote produces unbelievable sludge buildup

One of the most popular problems involving Motorkote is that it can cause unbelievable sludge buildup. That really ruins the very reason why the oil additive exists. After all, sludge buildup can truly cause a car engine to have a faulty performance, leading to more expensive costs for repair and maintenance. 

Motorkote is much more harmful than useful to engine

With so much information about the Motorkote problems and the inconsistency of its results as an oil additive, it just makes sense that it can be more harmful than useful to an engine. After all, a significant number of past users have actually encountered issues with using it. 

motorkote problems

Simply put, using Motorkote will be like a gamble, waiting to see if it will perform as advertised or if the result will spark another issue regarding its effectiveness. Overall, the problems regarding Motorkote really cause an impact on the reputation of the product.